I see what you did there (32 photos)

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #26 I heard the rumor was he had a guy in the audience giving him the answers. no idea if that is true or not, but i read it on the internet so it has to be true.

  • ChelseaRules

    #13 I can't decide if this if more gross looking or cool looking.

  • Chivoso

    #13… don't know how she does it, but she got lung cancer learning how

    • Annie

      It's mirrored. That's all I can tell.

  • Chivoso

    #15… is he banging that girl's back door?

    • will

      i don't get this one. why is the liquor bottle in a piece of french bread?

  • wizerman

    #13 how do you do this?that's awesome.gotta roll up a joint and practice this skill.

  • tmach81

    #1 Damn even just his image pulls some sweet ass. Damn you Tiger Woods. .. DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

  • tommytwotime

    #23 is terrifying!

  • tmach81

    #2 Oh who's the naughty robot? That's right you're the naughty robot.

    Domo arigato Mr. Roboto indeed.

    "Hey Usher, Look the robot has a wiener" "I gave the Robot a wiener"

  • B_Error



  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Now I'll be visualizing a scuba diver every time I see an extinguisher hanging on a wall.

  • daskjdm.

    #3 Alotta pizza blasphemy today… just eat the damn thing cold

  • RDM

    #30 If they need to go to these lengths to text in class, how the hell does the person take the picture??

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #1 FIND HER!!

  • os99

    #9 Every time I have to commute to and from King's Cross I come across people wondering where Platform 93/4 is. Answer:

    1. There isn't really one. Shocking, I know.
    2. The sign is not between platforms 9 and 10 either. And those platforms are in a seperate section of King's Cross. The dull section of King's Cross.
    3. The sign used to be placed next to garbage bins all the way at the far end of the platforms.
    4. Now, it is placed near the taxi drop off point, where the extensive construction is going on.

    You're welcome. I'm waiting for blood stains on that wall below the sign.

  • guest

    stand infront of a mirror = reflection

    • Questionable

      when you have wi-fi = connection

  • John

    #20 I dont get it, explain?

    • charlesd

      Blockbuster was shutting down all it's stores and going online and kiosk to try and emulate RedBox, and Netflix, hence the "new" address being online.

  • nfloridarednek

    #1 #5

  • Anonymous


    #20: it says ” visit us at our new address-www.blockbuster.com”
    As opposed to a physical address like you would commonly see when a business is “moving”

  • P90

    #5 I just want to ewok you…….wait, have I read that wrong?

  • A black nig

    uhhm so in #6 are they saying zac efrons a her, that Vanessa hudgens is a cocky bitch, or they have 3somes, cause if it isn’t one of those 3 I don’t get it

  • nina

    #23 boss!!!!!!!

  • slippery pete

    what would a chive posting be without pictures from yesterdays postings, last weeks postings, posting from earlier today…..same shit over and over

  • Richard

    Wow, I remember #30. I believe that's from a PSA video or whatever they show you in middle school. Kid brings a gun to glass and it accidentally shoots his crush dead.

  • Elliott

    #26- he’s a bad ass

  • Bob

    #6 she is way too hot for that girly man

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