I see what you did there (32 photos)

  • SARmedic

    #4 is awesome. (So is that dude that's cheating, lmao)

  • mtp47

    #30 Like a baws!

  • its_forge

    #28 Quoth the Raven, "Let's see dem tittays honeypie"

  • Daro

    #21 cats are awesome

  • etcrr

    #21 Ninja cat fail, Dog: WTF is wrong with you

  • Brent f

    #26 like a boss

  • Kim Jong Ding Dong

    #29 – should be a joint.

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  • Beiberhater

    #2, He is just wishing he had one to play with

  • Chris Thomas

    #26 Like a bawws.

  • Sloppyshifter

    #32 Lexus ES300?

  • scary69

    so wot was the answer to #26 i'll go for ford

  • Gruye2

    #23 I'm a 90s kid, so I got it instantly. Brilliant! P.S. Rugrats.

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