Man with crutches doesn’t let them hinder his dancing (Video)

Dergin Tokmak was born December 26, 1973 in Augsburg, Germany. He contracted polio when he was 1 year old. Poliomyelitis is a virus that attacks the nerves that control your muscles. In Dergin’s case, he lost the control of his left leg and some of the control of his right. However, undeterred, Dergin has made it his life’s work to perfect his own dancing style that utilizes his crutches — Amazing….

2012 Dergin Tokmak”Dancing on Crutches”STIX Tanzen auf Kruecken

  • theeemightybuck

    the only thing wrong with this video is that this is in a studio on not on stage in front of a crowd

  • mattythegooch

    Tiny Tim……..I think I saw the "Super Bowl Shuffle" around 2:42

  • poooolio

    You've got polio they said… you'll never be normal they said…

  • Ryan

    His upper body and arms have to be jacked! Pretty awesome stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the music choice but dude has skills

  • ThatGermanGuy

    He already took part on ‘the Supertalent’ in germany last year. His show was crazy

  • Boatman


    • The Truth

      Your comment was the only funny thing on the Chive today.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go! Awesome job!

  • katie

    I'm going to take awhile guess and say he doesn't have a problem getting around! Awesome!

  • Sum Yung Gui

    A guy on crutches dances better than me… Time for me to get a life.

  • tysonren

    Cool, he's a marionette.

  • Happy fun Goo!!!

    “oh wow! Thank you….What a Tttttterrific audience!

  • Bob

    First and foremost let me say this, good for this guy, he's got more positive attitude in his little finger then I do total. I'm on crutches, you best believe I'm not doing much of anything. Good for you sir…

    NOW, that being said, I hate it when I see crippled people who can do things better than me. Makes my case of self loathing even more intense.

  • Da Sandman

    a man who has lost control of his left leg and most of his right, is unable to do stuff like that… you can clearly see him standing on his left leg multiple times.. i call bullshit on this one

  • doglover1

    Inspiring. That was great

  • B2design

    Bad. Ass.

  • UncleDave


  • rae

    that was crazy i loved it, dances better then people i have paid to see dance.

  • @whaled09

    That is mind-blowing. Definitely something to show people who feel like saying they can't do it.

  • Ben-Jamin

    Absolute Awesome! Way to kick ass Brother!

  • WaikikiWayne

    That's one crazy way to clear a dance floor.

  • @unkindagiza

    I thought he was on the verge of falling the entire video. WOW!

  • thetech2

    I cannot believe the stupid comments like herp derp and what happens if the crutches break ,,well if they break you move outts your moms basement dickheads ,,praise him for the accomplishments he has done with and during his affliction consider yourself lucky I know no one who can dance like him with two good legs I personally would shake his hand and tell him he is unique and and incredible dancer I know I can't dance and tear me apart for trying but he has developed a very impressive talent

  • kenosis4

    this dude could legit make the end of americas got talent and win a million… that crowd would eat this shit up

  • mahoho

    First, I want to say that was some kickass dancing. Second, I was born in Augsburg also! 😀

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