Stray bullet causes one Hell of a scare (11 Photos)

This happened in Kansas…


  • Mike

    Yeah it happened. 6 years ago apparently.

  • James Bond

    People dont understand the power of firearms, its not the movies where some ply wood stops bullets!

  • Abraham

    Either the house is a POS or that bullet was created from Chuck Norris's Shit

  • Lou

    "Stray Bullet" I don't think Bullets are like dogs or cats, someone fired that shot. I hope they are investigating.

  • scuba264

    Clearly Divine Intervention, this was no luck.

    • Smitty

      But, the bullet holes were already in the wall behind them before he started shooting?! 😮

  • Jay

    If the person was actually standing in the position seen in the photo's…that wasn't an accident. That was a failed hit.

  • Sara

    Damn I wonder what kind of gun it was

  • ronn

    Sweet baby Jesus!

  • CSI Redneck

    The trajectory doesn’t match up. Entered the fridge at an upward angle. Close to 6 ft high. Hallway holes are probably 5 ft. Something’s not right.

  • Gordon

    is that where that round went.

  • Ieatmop

    This had to be a high caliber rifle. No way a pistol could do that. I’ve personally seen a .30-06 go through two solid doors, a wall, a sink, a toilet and finally stop in another wall after going through a bathtub.

  • Haeddre

    She better pay that shit forward real quick… Luck doesn't just strike for the hell of it. She better do something with her life that makes a difference… and of course become a member of the NRA … was the person arrested?

  • NorChuckis

    it's like Korn's Freak on a leash

  • D. L. Roth

    #10 Who uses that color blue these days? It's so 2010

  • Anonymous

    Divine intervention…death will catch you

  • Nathan

    So, got some bad news…that doesn't seem like a stray bullet…

  • Karl

    Why the FUCK do you live in a WAR zone. Get out.

  • Chiefs420

    #3 – I wonder what her boobs look like

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #3 You say stray bullet. I say shitty sniper…

  • Darb

    The little girl from THE RING is a terrible shot.

  • Evil_Twin


  • Anonymous

    I call bullshit on this one.

  • redneckb

    bet that will make your butt hole pucker!!!!!

  • Mike

    That's the same bullet that killed JFK….

  • IrishWolfhound

    It would have been epic if she'd had an apple on her head.

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