A week without redheads…blasphemy! (35 Photos)

  • Goat

    8 booo 26 awesome

  • Goat

    28 is beautiful

  • Jeff

    #9, great smile fantastic eyes & beautiful red hair. Who could ask for more? Me. MOAR!!

  • Jeff

    #12 & #17 can I spend the day counting your freckles?

  • T

    Find moar of 4!

  • Jeff

    MOAR of #28 please!

    • mopmonkey


  • Jeff

    #27 simply stunning!

  • Still Curious

    Thank you Chivers for your insightful comments to my post yesterday at:

    No, it was not me who smoked weed with my son but it was my wife of 22 years who smoked with OUR 21 year old son who currently has no job and sleeps, plays video games and parties the days away.

    OUR 18 year old daughter who is currently in university has found out about the weed smoking incident and is now partaking herself. I’m unclear if it started before or after the incident with my son.

    I have always been opposed to drugs and my wife is well aware of this. I’ve always distanced myself from drug users and am currently at a loss for what to do. Any suggestions?

    • Scott

      Smoke some weed. It's awesome.

    • ...

      go away. i come here to get away from my problems…not take on yours.

    • Matt

      You're in the wrong place, buddy. Quit trolling. This is an entertainment site, not Dr. F—ing Phil.

      • Still Curious

        From Wikipedia:
        “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

        Sure, I’ll give you that my posts have been off-topic but my primary intent is to get some insight, not provoke any kind of emotional response.

        Sorry to have bothered you.

        • Underbaker

          But it is indeed "or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion" so yes you do meet that criteria for a Troll. But I am not a heartless person and see that you are trying to reach out for a helping hand. Not sure this is the best place to do it as you are just as likely to attract the nasty sort of Troll. But my opinion would be that you need to first sit down and talk this out with your wife and then have a family discussion. With your kids as long as they are staying with you or you are paying for their college, you should be able to lay down the law or kick them out/cut them off. For your wife, that you will need to work out yourself or go to counseling.

          • Still Curious

            Thanks for overlooking the troll thing and coming up with a reasonable enough reply. You and others here have given me a pretty good plan for dealing with this. Nothing that I wouldn't have come up with eventually but it's really nice to get some reasonable validation for what I was considering so I can get this dealt with sooner than later. Thanks again.

    • Scott

      The correct answer is, your wife sir, is a fucking idiot who should speak to someone about how to properly parent. You need to tell your daughter it is NOT ok to use weed unless she wants to be a complete fucking dopehead.

      And all the pot smokers here are going to disagree because the pot has ruined their brains.

      • gromtown

        you are dumb.

    • yimmee

      this is a situation that is problematic on many levels. people have mentioned a few things. However, what i have personally seen is that the whole act of smoking with the child is really about the mother wanting a more intimate relationship (not sexual) with the person they are smoking with. they want to feel emotionally closer. The ritual of getting high is just that. the substance being used is one that cements the relationships between the users. this happens with other drugs as well but cannabis being a hallucinogen is really a perfect vector for this kind of deal. you should be asking yourself, what is it that i am not doing for my wife. this may be YOUR PROBLEM more than anyone elses all kidding aside. why get a job when the parent figure is smoking with you? are they attracted to each other. how old is your wife? now that the cat is out of the bag your daughter is enjoying this situation. these kids will never gain independence. it might be what your wife is going for. she doesn't want the empty nest. i have seen it with my inlaws family. it really pisses me off because the kid in that situation is being used completely as not only a surrogate husband on some emotional level by the mother and a buddy by the dad, but also the both of them use him so they don't really have to face their shitty relationship.

      • TheAndy

        Hallucinogen? No.

      • Still Curious

        Thanks for your reply yimmee, you've certainly given me food for thought. There's roughly a 35 year difference between my wife and son so there's no sexual component to this whatsoever but the friendship/intimate relationship because of something she's not getting from me, and/or the empty nest thing, really hit the nail on the head surprisingly enough. Now it's just a matter of sitting the whole family down and finding out if there's anything salvagable or if it's time to cut one's losses.

    • the joe

      get rid of them all. Find a nice redhead from this post.

    • Derpin

      How about reapplying for your man card and assert some authority over your family?

      • Still Curious

        Thanks for the wake-up call Derp. You're right and I'm gonna do just that. I'm not gonna go as far as shooting up a laptop or anything for that matter but after considering what a few of the respondents here have said, I've got a decent enough plan now. If it doesn't work, I like the joe's idea above.

    • TheAndy

      The fact that your son lays around like a buffoon is a result of poor self motivation, which is a reflection of your parenting skills, as well as your wife's. Clearly he has never had any motivation for doing something with his life, so stop spoon-feeding him.

      Don't you DARE try and blame this on marijuana. I left home when I was 16, put myself through college, traveled all over the world, and now have a great career job at a multi-million dollar design firm. I pay my bills, have a great woman (but there's always love to give the Chivettes) and have my shit together at the ripe old age of twenty five. And I've been a daily toker for about seven years now. I'm pretty sure people have been smoking it for centuries and now only in the past fifty years has it been considered an illegal substance – and you see how long that has lasted . . .

      So go ahead, continue your one-man war on "drugs"

      I'll be over here, designing buildings and shit.

      • Still Curious

        Thanks for the insight Andy, I appreciate your time and input. I'm truly glad to know that you're successful and happy despite your dependence. Knowing a few tokers, I have to agree with Dr. Phil below and have to agree with him that weed affects different people in different ways. Seeing and realizing how my son’s actions have changed in the time that we now realize that he’s been using, I have to say that he has been negatively affected. Having said that, your point about spoon-feeding him hits home too. I blame myself, not so much for doing it but not for having the spine to keep it from happening. To paraphrase Derpin, it’s time to man-up. Thanks again. Keep Calm and Build On.

    • Dr. Phil

      For what it is worth, someone I know began smoking pot with his father at around 12 years old. Graduated up to harder drugs later on. Father eventually killed himself. Kid has never held down a real job since. Now that his parents are dead, the guy is seriously up shit creek…

      Sure, some people like our building designer can handle it, but many others cannot. If it is enough of a concern to you, then you should definitely address it. Relationships are always about open and honest communication. but definitely start with your wife first so that you can try to get on the same page. If you can't, then you should be as open and honest with your kids as you can be under the circumstances.

      • bob

        dam just red your whole reply in dr phils voice…cant help but feel like i lost a part of my soul

    • klmklm

      Sounds to me like your wife just Rrreeally wants a good spanking.

    • DoroteoArambula

      The only way to catch a doper is when you yourself become a smoker…

      • Always Last

        Wow! You guys got trolled HARD!!!

  • Jay

    #9 is possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I am totally in love, thanks Chive, no workl getting done today

  • irons

    #30 Beautiful, I'm awake now TY

  • aaron

    #29 #28 #12 beautiful…..all FTW

  • a different phil

    #24 I'll be in my bunk.

  • NorChuckis

    #28 seems to have a mole or birthmark. We should see the rest to make sure she doesn't have booby cancer. It's for science.

  • A fan

    I love all of you! Redheads rock! 🙂

  • PD

    28 & 30 MOaR!

  • Dunny_

    #21 is a beautiful girl and, it appears she is a true redhead.

  • Pokepoke

    #32 find!

  • TomHaverford

    #10 & #28 MOAR MOAR MOAR

  • HillbillyNinja

    #29 not bad, just ditch the hipster frames.

  • Anonymous

    These reds aren’t so creepy.. good job this week, just keep the creepy ones out from now on.

  • A fan

    Moar of #14 & #24!

  • RF3

    Love the Gingers, but this is the worst redhead gallery ever. And what’s with #31? That should be on an awkward mail order bride web gallery. Creepy eyes that could prob steal your soul… But looks like she prob has a nice bum

    • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

      Holy shit! Is that a full pan of muffins behind her? Bonus!!

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    #20 dated her mom in high school maybe,looking at some pics same face,hair,smile wow 1981.

  • Burns

    #10 hands down is the best!

  • Maynard B.

    #9, #10, #12- I need to see more please!
    #16- Luv you Carrie!

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