A week without redheads…blasphemy! (35 Photos)

  • Dano

    #4…Oh how I want to see MOAR of you with less coverage. Fantastic!

  • General Raum

    #17 is too cute.

    How much longer do we have to put up with the troll? Even just browsing past the same post is becoming tedious.

  • zoxymusic

    #4 really like this one!

  • nappy

    #4 is Iga. She goes by Eva in NUTS magazine.

    • Dr. Acula

      I thank you kind sir.

  • misanthropetb

    As far as I'm concerned the second picutre could have been the end of the post.
    #2 = PERFECTION!!

  • My_3_Things

    As a redhead myself, I'd like to volunteer to propagate the redheaded species with these ladies.

  • chavo

    #29 yes.

  • guest

    #2 is pornstar Lexi Belle

  • showboat

    They all look so cute, but you know all redheads have that twisted kinky side! I love it!!

  • dochandy

    impossible to pick out a favorite! CHIVE, you've once again made my week with redheads. let's not have a week lapse again. i was starting to have withdraws.

  • RED

    FYI, not all these girls are redheads and you keep re-using pictures. I have clearly sent my pics and you still haven't put mine up! Your either lazy or just overly picky. Who the heck nominates the same pic in each post as if you have no other options! Slowly starting to dislike Chive!

  • HiTmAn

    Send them to me ^^^ 😀

  • tmach81


  • eddy

    #5 Good choice, you look lovely!

    • dagleja3

      Just make sure that you do a thorough job and get everywhere done

  • captmo9

    #26 please

  • Bamer36

    #29 where are you from

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhh redheads

  • Skieur

    #29 – MOAR! Please find. Dressed like that, without the glasses.

  • saabman

    #12 please more. Redhead posts are the best!

  • Falthor

    #4 Iga Wyral (sp)… not sure if I like her best as a redhead, brunette, or Blonde. She's just damn hot all the way around in any color.

    • http://gfys.com LoganExplosion

      Thanks for posting her name. had to go through 3 pages of comments. Totally worth it. I've seen her before. Just no name. Iga Wyrwal.
      and now to scam her in to marrying me..

      • Falthor

        get in line my friend… 🙂

  • Travis


  • Pickster

    #27 Wow MOAR plus a great eyes pic

    Next time lets see the smile

  • coinbank

    hmmm seem to be running low on redhead pics….maybe you should devote an entire post to Kathy Griffith….that will make the redhead pics flow in….make sure you get some of those bikini pics in there……

  • Blue collar morals

    You seem more obsessed than concerned…which just comes off as more annoying than informative.

  • Rick

    #8 Das a hell of a pale ass! A good slappin' will bring some color to dat ass! MOAR! =)~

    • Clinton James

      Shit, she was my winner. Love to see more of her

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