Coffee stains get turned into an amazing portrait (6 Photos & Video)

  • buford


    • Chive On

      What are you, 12?

      • buford

        You're just mad you weren't first…

        • Mike

          So… yes?

        • @mattdwilson1984

          You sir, are a fucking moron.

      • Tar Tarlton

        Right now he's -12.

  • buford

    Nailed it

  • billshakes626

    That's nuts.

    • SpacemanSpiff


  • Combatical

    looks like shit

    • Evan

      Kill yourself

      • Midgetized

        Art: Apparently not meant to be criticized by everyone, only those who "get" it.

        I can see how it looks like shit, I think it's redundant, everyone paints the same thing just with different materials.

        P.S. I despise Modernism/ Post-Modernism/ Minimalism
        – Saw a blank fucking white canvas get featured in a magazine, but when I recreated it for a homework assignment, I was told I was a moron.

  • justsaying

    Some people have it.

    • Ray T

      And some people don't

  • Jayyy

    That's fucking awesome

    • Midgetized

      You Don't Say?

      • Midgetized

        Welp this got posted in the wrong thread, mean to post it in Justsaying thread.
        Ignore all previouse statements of mine in this thread.

  • Anon

    Heck with the "art", make her a Chivette!

    • Emzilla

      I VOTE YES!

    • tsam waters

      im starting to think people on here will fuck just about anything that walks. have some standards.

      • DeDav

        It's called "being willing to do anything with a postal code" She has one, I'm sure. Therefore, we have standards. Now shut up.

      • Midgetized

        Not everything, I passed up a seducing raccoon the other day.

        TheChive, come for the jokes and humor, and cum for the girls.

  • Dr_StrangePants

    You'll smell like old coffee all day…but you're still awesome

    • thisIsMyComment

      You Dr_StrangePants… your cup is half empty.

  • Mike

    What portrait… <3_<3

  • Shar11

    very cool….so original and diff.

    • Midgetized

      Please tell me that's sarcasm, this type of things been done with every material thus far, from dirt, to dung, to gold and silver inlaid diamonds. Portraits are nice, but it should used as a benchmark for how good you can be in art, not the main attraction.

  • Csquaredapparel

    thats pretty nifty!

  • Blunt

    She's swagger jacking Phil Hansen's style of creative abstract art. It's prolly about time though really as that guy is sorta burnt out at this point.

    If like this style of art & you've never seen his work check out his site….some of it will blow your mind
    one of his many video's

    • Emzilla

      I do love that guy… ❤

  • buford

    There are some counterfeit bufords around here

    • buford

      you can tell the real me by asking me how recess was today.

      • Soo..

        How was recess today Buford?

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Lin teresting

    • AllanA

      I see what you did there….


    Lets See her on Hump Day next week!

  • Anonymous

    Oh boom yes he did

  • Sith

    Oh me love you long time Hong Yi! MOAR

  • Lawrence

    Looks like Ryu

  • Hunter X

    I'd like to cream all over her mug….

  • Brian


    Cute, too.

  • JDB85

    Pretty neat.

  • aaaa

    I guess you could say

    *removes glasses*

    her creativity is overflowing….


  • JerryLinGiant

    later that day why showing her fellow artists 1 of the artists carrying a can of paint tripped and spilled paint all over the painting ruining it. OH THE IRONY 😛

    • Midgetized

      I don;t think you know what that work means.

  • MikeyMack86


  • Pat

    where can I buys this?

    • Midgetized

      I heard a lot of stores are selling coffee.

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