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  • tagbadger

    #7 Wow…WHO is that!?

    • callmeraymon

      Rosie Jones

    • cheeseftw

      Rosie Jones

  • YEMX

    Grunts on a rope, my favorite.

  • cheeseftw

    #7 is rosie jones

  • etcrr

    To all the U.S. troops in the above post thank you for your service #4 #26 You definitely raised my morale

    • Chuck

      #4 is Canadian Army (Land force nametag) and by the amount of stickies on her monitor, I would say she is a clerk.

  • Ron Morrison

    #1 To the friends and families of the 7 Marines who answered their final Call of Duty this morning in Arizona, I send my deepest condolences. SEMPER FI!

  • whyme1973

    #4 #26 Damn ladies! Very nice.
    #19 I have found my new hunting buddy.

  • Kodos

    "fighters are fun, but bombers make policy."

  • Guest

    even though I can't see her face, i am totally attracted to the badass girl in #30

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