Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm. A Facebook thread ensues (12 Photos)

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  • Cynthia Lopez

    I dated some one for two weeks tattooed his name on my wrist then got.married three n a half months later we are stIll married a yr n half later

    • fer

      Thats so chicano and so ghetto.

  • Diacraft

    Haha bucking awesome!

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  • JJ-Chive

    way ti funny haha

  • cryos


  • Nopenopenope

    This is obviously fake.

  • watson

    you should of got her face tattooed in your ass crack and made her lips the ass hole

    • leprecano


  • leprecano

    Fake or not this is hilarious. Perhaps because I know females (who will remain anonymous) like this, and it makes me think if them and smile. "Its alright cupcake. I'm sure the fact u change ur relationship status every week has nothing to do with the fact they left ur crazy ass. maybe you will find prince charming next week. And get married and live happily ever after" 🙂

  • Jillian

    fake or real… pretty flippin funny… made my day

  • Patton666

    There is no way… No fucking way that this is real….. Nope…. No way…. Anybody could make this shit up if they have enough of a non-life.

  • ebababes

    what the f**k what a crazy f**king b**ch
    …………………1 weak……………..
    ………….,……..1 weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………

  • dralowicz

    #6 last comment, NO SHIT! cant believe she just thought of it!!! BBBAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!

  • Ryan Davis


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  • heather

    damn….. can u say phyco*.

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  • Balloonhead twirp

    This bitch is fucking mental no joke ting woww crazy fucker

  • @Imafrenchpanda

    lol this girl should have do a tattoo like tattooed girls mag
    But she is crazy x)

  • Onager
  • Mandyme27
  • HeWhoDancesWithPigs

    All you people frantically yelling its fake, its fake need to just keep it down. 1) who cares if it's fake, it gave me a good laugh along with plenty of other people too. That is until i read all your jackass comments( I just skimmed a page and a half), if this guy was clever enough to come up with this little joke i say let him have the glory. and 2nd all of you stop acting like motha fuckin ants at a picnic and ruining everyone's good time just fucking laugh at the joke.

  • Melissa Van Vlack

    i hope this was created for pure chivery…. i don't think it was though. lmao! poor girl

  • rüya tabirleri

    holyyyyyyyy jesuss… lol

  • Austin Coln

    I actually look just like that guy….and my name is austin…..and I'm single…..

  • barbara

    sara ur nuts girl.

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