• dANE


  • lucas


  • eggs

    What "flaws"? I love that game

    • derp

      Awesome game, but yeah I remember shooting Natalia a few times in anger.

  • polish penetrator

    Dane sucks dicks on the weekends. True story

  • Brian

    In my best Keith Jackson voice….The Grand Daddy of them all.

  • randymacho

    Sure would have been cool if there wasn't narration. I think most of us knew that this isn't the original game.

    • TonyM

      Without narration the clip would have seemed way too long. Watch it in silence and see the long periods where nothing is happening.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Fucking Natalya

    • Bulletproof Monk

      Hell yeah! if it was possible i'd totally be fucking natalya!

  • Daniel

    Ohh the good ol’ days! I used to see how many times I could shoot that bitch before she died. Control Room was the most frustrating by far!

  • lspaniard

    This was absolutely EPIC! Tears of nostalgia AND laughter all in one. CHIVE ON!!

  • drew

    haha fuckin awesome……would have been cool though if he crouched and killed afew.

  • JGrai

    Those graphics, so good.
    That AI, so bad.

  • joeking

    This is one huge print shop!!!

  • Zedhere

    Pass, not realistic enough for me.

  • Guy

    Started watching and soon found myself doing this
    bah nah buh… bah nah buh…. bah nah! buh nah!
    ding dinga ning ning ning, duh na ding dinga ning ning niiing, ding dinga ning ning ning, duh na ding dinga ning ning niiing, bah nah buh nah baah naaa naaaaaa……..


    No 240p here now that's CGI, hahahahaha!!!
    NOW WE HAVE XBOX 360 & PS3 YEAH!!!
    Natalya only resonds to Russian duh?…!!!…?

  • FullBlownStoned

    This was way better than I expected

  • OddBall

    Not going through much ammo… good vid though.

  • Chief choctaw red

    I was just tele ported to being 12 again, good times…god I hated that escort mission, but these graphics are waaaaay better!!!

  • wha?

    With the golden gun multiplayer in the caves, I knew the exact spawn locations and times, I literally had everyone quit when we played that level.

  • C. Schmitt

    Lol oh memories….I spent countless hours on that game. Made me laugh watching this 🙂

  • Jill


  • curvingedge

    Reblogged this on CurvingEdge.

  • Anonymous

    Brings back the memories!! Nice typing Natalya!

  • OpMongoose

    that was so fucking funny and i want to know where i could work where everyone would be cool with that

  • dizzle

    greatest thing i have ever witnessed!

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