• Leddy420

    *checks to see if today is April 1st*


  • mickey

    tell the seller to go suck a fuck.

  • Rightthing

    Man up and set a good example. Give him half the money.

    • Huell

      Fuck that.

  • Ned Plimpton

    Definitely a fake. Otherwise the feds could seize the money because you're not allowed to send cash through the postal service.

  • Sam

    You aren’t supposed to send money through the mail?? I have never heard that myself..why couldnt you? Espeacialy since firearms are perfectly okay as are other hazardous chemcals (ground shipment only please).. You just have to follow the postal service’s rules for the specific item.

    Oh and Fuck the guy who he bought it from…..I’m not even sure why he told anybody! That money would’ve been hidden under the floorboards by now if it were mine.

  • Tanner

    An ebay user for 15 years??? think about that

  • brr

    tax man will find him and take a cut

  • beezer

    one of the auction shows {the one with the guy named Ton} cut open a smaller safe and fried
    everything inside so money would have been at very least kinda of crispy they did find a H&K
    handgun that even though it was torched still worth a couple of hundred

  • Dickle

    I'd give the seller $9,000 back. That's fair….right?

  • Carrie N

    Really? The seller asked for half? What balls this guy has. I would definitely not give the guy any money b/c he doesn't deserve it. Should have tried to open the safe yourself before hocking it to some one else.

  • Joe

    It wa not the sellers money either. So the person he got the safe from was the real loser. Face it seller you lost buyer wins leave it alone

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