Images that will move and inspire (26 Photos)

  • I'm Not Crying

    Dammit chive, I'm at work, stop getting me choked up.

    • hark1985

      Two post of Awws today… I failed both times

    • fignewton

      #20 very very gaaaaaaaaaaaaay

      • OpMongoose

        WTF is wrong with you? I think you're on the wrong site….. also notice how people spell "you're" and not "your" because YOU'RE one of those people… Its still cool no matter what it says fuckhead…

        • fignewton

          Last time I checked this was theChive? And you might wanna go check that leaky rag of yours.

      • Emzilla

        You must be single?

    • OnehandJack

      #7 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

      …and before you atheists get your damn panties in a wad, it's a fucking beautiful sentiment regardless of the source.

      • its_forge

        Atheists (I used to be one of those) who object to poetic quotations whatever the source are not simply atheists but also assholes.

        • asgard

          Yeah, both atheist and religious people do that just to being assholes. I'm an atheist and I still agree with the phrase.

      • JSBlink69

        Agnostic needs a voice here.
        "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

        To be a first responder is a noble choice.

        • OnehandJack

          I won't RUSH to judgment on your philosophical beliefs

      • BrettAdamsGA

        I am a firefighter, I love the life, can't call it a job as to me it is not work. I absolutely love this shot, it is a great example on how a group of people, unrelated by blood, can create a brotherhood so strong that they trust each other with their lives, no questions asked. We train together, play together, suffer losses together, go through victories together. What more could you expect from a brotherhood like this.

    • amrith777

      Ditto.I move that henceforth posts such as these shall be entitled "Damn it,there's something in my eye!"

  • Brian

    #5 amazing

    • Martin McFly

      oooh shit… *tilts head back to keep tear from falling

    • fnaah

      "Bring the boys back home.
      Don't leave the children on their own,
      Bring the boys back home."

    • Jessi

      This picture was taken by Oh Penelope Photography โค

    • Brandi
  • Mack318

    Personally #3 epitomizes such a powerful and moving thing, brought a tear to my eye

    • wizzy

      I agree, but doesn't he also look high as f*ck?

      • MJKIVP


      • Huell

        #3 "I'll take two large medium pizzas, man."

      • Craigery

        Well, he WAS high.

      • its_forge

        Wouldn't you be? I'm about to f***in' walk on the f***in' MOOOOONN!!!! WOOOOHOOHOOO!!

    • buick

      Probably just driven crazy having to take all those pictures in area 51…

  • ChargerFan

    That's humbling

  • Professor Squish

    Awesome. Let's make this a regular feature, Chive

    • doodles

      and in HQ going forward ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Brother Maynard

    #23 Great attitude!! Hoping the best for you.

    • hark1985

      Never give up. Chive should send her a shirt for that!

    • ITR

      Agreed!! Such a gorgeous girl too!!

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #15 I love how dogs can look honestly happy

    • echogeo

      There is such an incredible story behind that photograph. Please tell it Chive.

    • HairyKnuckles

      This and #21 pulled at my heart strings just a bit. The love of a dog is about as unconditional as you will find on this planet.

  • wassup?

    Nice post, #20 is really cool, in a sickeningly sweet kinda way

    • Dirty Dingus

      My bed room has the same thing…only it's pictures of my wife's & my junk.

      • Hahahaha

        You're wife has junk…is she Thai?

        • hark1985

          hahaha nice man

      • J.D.

        Damn you. A Cheerio just went up my nose, laughing

    • Del

      Until you fight, then its " How come my sound wave is bigger than yours? Dont you love me as much as i love you? YOURE a Dick!!

    • Tomas

      I sense a slight bit of hesitation on her part. o.0 LOL

    • asdf

      grammar check-of my husband and me

  • ???

    It says posted by Mac, is he not an intern anymore??

  • bisonbade

    #8 I have found where I would retire to

    • Tim

      amen…please find

    • AJH

      Lake Victoria in Jasper national park Alberta Canada.
      I used to ride past that lake every day as a horseback trail guide.

  • reaperMEDIC

    #22 Couldn't be more true…. although sometimes I wonder what that would be like hahaha

    • Lisa

      Right? Couldn't hurt to try it out. You know…for science.

    • The J

      No, it's one of those meaningless homilies. Seriously, if you take that persons money and put nothing in its place wouldn't he then be poorer? Or are they suggesting all people without money are good people?

      Yeah, money isn't all that makes a person rich, but I can think of people poorer than a person who only has money.

      • Not a fan

        You have chosen to interpret this in a way other than was intended and rendered it meaningless.

    • @EcoRetroBling

      Some people are so poor they are slowing dying of starvation. Kinda makes it look rather silly now doesn't it?

    • wisemx

      Each time anyone tells me bikes are dangerous I remind them how healthy my body and mind are.
      We simply can't live with worries, hatred or fear. We must Live. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jasgat66

    #20 That's pretty awesome… Great conversation piece.. If people are hanging out in your bedroom and all…

    • JDB85

      That could be an interesting night tho.

  • Chiveetteee

    #5 brought tears…

  • dave

    #26 build a house, paint a self portrait

    • bill

      Shhhh! Not supposed to talk about it!!!

    • the professor

      hit bottom

    • Yeah buddy

      Bone ashley sky…

    • Nick

      Salma Hayek

    • joe

      twin sisters

    • Rob

      Love it. I get the ref!

    • CowardMouthed

      Have a near life experience.

    • Steve

      that is an epic comment, that is if everyone knew what you were referencing to.

    • @Gingergreek

      I wish you the best of luck with both mate!

  • BabyMistakes

    #8 Where is this?

    • YourWaitingForATrain


  • Brian


    Not possible to pay these guys enough for the shit they do for us.

    • Chris

      I remember this story – a mom and her two kids were hit from behind by a truck. All three survived (the driver of the truck died after the truck went off the bridge, into a gorge, and exploded).

      • The_Dood

        It's even crazier when you hear about the coincidence…
        It was a case of right place at the right time. I pulled the following from a news site, citing another news site.
        "According to the news site, the rescue effort was aided by a group of Navy Seabees who were stuck in southbound traffic near the crash. They used a forklift they were transporting to stop the BMW from sliding off the bridge."

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Amazing story. Those are proud Ventura County Firefighters and local Point Mugu Navy Seabees. I am proud to say these boys are from my county and my cousin is a Navy Seabee. This was a huge story here in Ventura County that touched people across the country.

          • jizzMarkie

            Those Santa Barbara County Firefighters this happened in Buelton In SB County

            • Unfkngblvbl

              you're right, I stand corrected.

        • Chris

          Wow – just awesome.

    • Firefighter23

      Good job by my brothers out in California with the wicked save. EXTRICATION DOMINATION!!

    • bumble

      Very true.. Wecould use a few more blowjobs in m opinion

    • Mmmm

      Man no kidding. This one makes me want to bawl. If I wasn't at work i would be. Those guys don't have ropes. They are just all over that crash, doing whatever they can, trying to save human lives. Fuck. Amazing pic, amazing story.

    • trevor

      and the head honchos sitting behind a desk want to close stations and minimize the amount of firefighters on the rigs.. this wouldnt have been so successful with less people… just sayin

    • @EcoRetroBling

      …and gals. Let's not overlook them.

  • DOit

    #20 Weird…but AWESOME

  • Brother Maynard

    #1 Is actually from a Colombian prison break….

    • Dave

      That's the Berlin Wall

      • Brother Maynard

        Note to self, never assume people will get sarcasm.

        • @McBeastie666

          further note…sarcasm works best when actually funny.

          • Brother Maynard

            I thought it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Noah

              i laughed, don't worry

              • Brother Maynard

                And if I can make one person laugh, I'm doing better than Tyler Perry.

                • Master_Rahl

                  make that 2 people. The Tyler Perry joke was good.

                  • hark1985


                  • JDB85

                    Yes sir. Make that 3

                    • @Gingergreek


                • J.D.

                  3. That was a really good one.

                • fre


            • Bored

              Don't think…it weakens the team.

              • Crash Davis

                Don't copy me.

        • ArryPotta

          I don't think you understand how sarcasm works…

          • Alan Garner

            use the sarcasm font

        • Joe

          You seem new to computers, so I'll help you on this one. It's tough to hear what tone you used when you type a comment…unless it really obvious.

        • Ostipher

          Make sure to put </end sarcasm> lol

    • johnc

      VIVA SYRIA!!!!!!

  • rmw

    #15 and #21 have to be the best. Dogs are just so awesome… (well, most of them)

    • hark1985

      They are loyal and will never leave your side

    • Oldfart

      I bet for both of them, it's the most precious thing on earth.

    • Lefty8

      Definitely agree with you. Man's best friend has never been more clear than in these two photos.

    • r00s7a

      Agree with all of the above. There is no way to be sad when your best friend licks you in the face.

      • Chiverator

        Hehehe, nice one.

    • Emzilla

      Until some PETA asshole says it's cruelty for the homeless to have dogs because it's not guaranteed a "healthy' meal or a nice warm fucking bed at night.

      • robbie_R

        Yeah but neither is the owner so where's PETA for them?

  • Mandalor

    #6 that one got me.

    • nfloridarednek

      Wish I could see the boy's reaction.

      • J02

        Here is the reaction:

        • Hurricane Harri

          Thanks Dude! you deserve a high five!

    • hark1985

      I cried when they showed it on the news

      • john v.

        yeah, I tear up every time I see that picture.

        • hark1985

          I got caught by my boss crying

    • drea619

      im trying not to cry at my cube someone's gonna roll up on me!

    • @mikebietz

      Yah. The kid is going to be really happy that he no longer has to work at Target now that his dad is home.

      • Mac the Intern

        Ha took me a second, nice.


    #3 Yeah Right…

    • BostonChiver

      Go fuck yourself much?

      • Craigery

        Get jokes much?

        • BostonChiver

          Wasn't a joke, clearly.

    • Luke

      It shocks me how many people believe that we never went to the moon. its stupid, those people do no research on the topic. We have a laser designator that was placed on the moon for data acquisition and we routinely get pings back from it. Do some research people, if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything

      • MJKIVP

        HAHAHAHA You talk about research like you get the pings yourself… I can't know if you did or didn't go to the moon and neither can you… All I know is that the iPhone has 10 times more computing power that they had back in the day (Doesn't mean you didn't go, that means it would be 100 times easier to go today) and if you were able to go to the moon you wouldn't stop going, you would already have a mall with a McDonalds there… Don't take what I'm saying personally, the fact that you did or didn't go won't make your life easier or harder, it doesn't matter… I think that they gave Mr. Armstrong a pot cookie and took a picture in a studio…

        • @McBeastie666

          "All I know is that…."

          well, there's your problem. you don't know shit.

          • MJKIVP

            Neither do you. HA!

            • ajtaylor

              Good comeback, haha.

          • MJKIVP

            Add the points listed on the next link to the fact that the landing looks like a bad Godzilla movie, your government (Well, all of them) is filled with greedy little bitches and you'll get my point…

            You're right. I don't know shit AND neither do you. You choose to believe you did get to the moon I choose not to. Dig out Van Allen and tell him his discovery of the Radiation Belts is bullshit because you saw someone on TV and pictures that landed on the moon.

    • Kodos

      shaddap asshole

  • ChiTownChiver

    Good post, chive.

  • PokemonTrainier26

    #17 โค

    • OddBall

      What is the context here?

      • @McBeastie666

        read the signs down below. looks like former homophobes apologizing for the hatred they helped spread…probably during a gay parade of some sort based on the fact that the man is only in his underwear.

        • goahead hate

          ehh… kinda out place on this site. I say bad choice. Im sure the pro-homos are lurking everywhere among us Chivers. (being sarcastic)

          • PokemonTrainier26

            hey … im GAY … and i love the chive … i have my KCCO shirt … and i love all the post that are posted here … and im glad to see this kind of pics ๐Ÿ™‚

            • nuttobutt

              says the pokemon trainer…

              • PokemonTrainier26

                lol … Im a Computer Engineer , Anime lover , Gay , Chiver and super fan Of Pokemon Games ๐Ÿ™‚

                CHIVE ON ๐Ÿ˜›

        • King of Douche

          STFU Scumbag

      • Chelsea Chivette

        this one is my favorite picture of all. it makes my heart smile.

    • Dave

      It was a Christian group at a gay pride parade, and they were apologizing for how the church had treated homosexuals.

      • Bob

        Thank you Dave. I am a Strait Christian. I get tired of people slamming us because they see a few gay bashers claiming to be Christians.

        • Iceman2509

          Amen to that.

  • AllanA

    #21 I'm a dog person and this is pretty awesome…talk about a man's best friend

    • echogeo

      As far as the dog is concerned, they are not homeless.

  • Brother Maynard

    #26 Scuba dive in Lake Titicaca!

    • AmBush_Steve

      He he, you said titi.

    • Master_Rahl

      SO glad AmBush_Steve went there. That way, I'm not the only immature knucklehead here. All I heard in my mind was Beavis saying "TITI-CACA, heh heheh"

    • Fifa


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