Oh sh!t (31 photos)

  • Steve Martin

    #29 isn't much better

  • panama99

    #16 if this is a girl's foot……when she becomes an adult and has a baby could she "breast feed" from that nipple?

    I'm just asking……..

    • Brian

      I used to think there were no stupid questions.

      • Ren

        There are no stupid questions, just stupid people

        • panama99


        • asdasd

          Herbert "Janet" Garrison

    • reebus


    • Si1entStatic

      The better question if it really is a chick.

      when you tickle her feet do her real nipples get hard? Or even aroused?

      • panama99

        I thought about that……but you saw the reaction from Brian and Ren above.


      • HUH?

        when its cold outside does that thing hurt to walk on? or does it just feel soooooo good?

    • Michael

      As Ron White would say, you can fix ugly. But YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.

    • Underbaker

      Brings a whole new level to foot fetish.

  • Ben

    #22 last condom I ever wear

    • Kowabunga

      what do you mean? are you saying you want to die while wearing it?

      • Ben

        Actually the "pokey" version will be the last one I wear

    • Tyler Durden

      What the fuck is a condom?

  • iwannameetbill

    are those helmets really helpful if you fall 10,000 feet in #12?

    • dirtysteve99

      Terminal Velocity – your top speed. You'll hit about 122mph(limbs out), then it won't matter how much further you fall, you'll stay at that.
      Also check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesna_Vulovi%C4%87
      she fell around 10,000 feet, and survived.

  • Dorkfish

    #31 WTF Chive

  • luckyB

    #16…TICKLE IT….then for the love of god cut it off

    #17 is kind of hilariously awesome with the wet floor sign

    #31 WTF chive seriously….

  • l0ptbuk

    #16, WTF????

  • Blunt

    lol the foot pimple is nothing here is a real "oh shit" ( i think I'm going to puke )

    • hark1985

      just did. thanks man

    • Mrs_Conejo

      wow. was he just chillin and decided he no longer needed his right foot?
      interested in more info….

    • Shar11

      ok that's gross….I swear it really made me sick.

    • sickassmofo

      Awesome. When you show it as a joyful, matter-of-fact thing it isn't gross at all. I am glad the guy is getting such a kick out of something that is usually very traumatic, though him talking about the juicy meat makes me wonder if the though of boiling it up into some soup had crossed his mind. Hey I'm sure everyone has been curious at least once in their life as to what human flesh/meat tastes like.

      -youtube comment.

  • Tony

    "If you ask me to pick a card one more freaking time…!!!."

    • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

      oh batsy!

  • Qwixel

    #9 are those the ones that glow?

  • Anonymous

    #15 still cute.

  • Harleyxx

    #14 Never trust a woman!

    • Chris ROckk

      "You got on heels, you aint that tall… You got on makeup, your face dont look like that… You got a weave, your hair aint that long… You got a wonderbra on, your titties aint that big… Everything is a lie…"

  • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

    i love that almost everyday i can get my dose of Batman one way or another ❤
    what happen to that cute lil kid… what a shame 😦

    • hark1985

      right you are

    • Dunny_

      Well last year, he (#27) split up with that hot, hot POA Mila Kunis after 8 years.
      Might explain the downward spiral.

      • westnile

        I thought that was willem dafoe…

  • Master

    #11 Masturbation – you're doing it.

    • Anomanom

      You're doing it way too much.

  • meeee

    Manjini from Resident Evil 5 ?

    • Boatman

      Looks like check day at the welfare office

  • Anon Anarth

    #27 Willem Dafoe Jr.

    • 16inchzipper

      I was thinking Nick Nolte Jr.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan

      Rickety Cricket

  • dbsnydes

    #9 jim?

    • hark1985

      classic cartoon

    • big_james

      Damn it I was going to say that… EARTHWORM JIM!!!

  • James

    #14 #15
    I think you're pretty with or without makeup!

    • Del

      Thank you for playing james ,, you win a trip to the friendzone…

    • Craigery

      Nice try, James, but she's still not going to sleep with you.

  • Greg


  • AllanA

    #16 I love the "CAUTION WET FLOOR" lol

    #31 WOOOWWW….I don't know if is me but you can't help from watching it over and over? that's messed up!

    • AllanA

      Damm it, I meant #17

  • tommytwotime

    #7 hahahaha! #12 fuuuuuuck that gentlemen #31 holy living fuck!!! no, no, no, no, no

  • Harleyxx

    #27 Actually looks worse than 10 years of meth.

  • Nicnac

    #5 The Raving Dead™

  • Bullwinkle

    #3…I'm not gonna lie…you were pretty fucked up at 32.

  • Dr Fapenstein

    #15 Moar of her with makeup, super hot with, still would without.

    • Edd

      You still would have to trick her to going into your grandmas basement though

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