Thatched roofs in the UK look like a little slice of Heaven (35 Photos)

  • GernBlansten

    Half expect to see Hogwarts in the background….

  • Karen

    Do want.

  • echogeo

    It makes a splendid presentation. The upkeep has to be a bitch though. And what's to stop some bloke with an attitude from flicking his lit cigarette on your roof?

  • Derek Weaver

    love seeing the way others live. when I visited Stuttgart there were a couple small town around that had roofs like these. we here in America do things completely different I think it’s cool to find away to create homes with nature. great style!

  • D. L. Roth

    Where are the BEWBBBBSSSS!?

    • Mutt

      But this is about roofs….nothing topless here

  • mbrug

    Awesome its really an art form.

  • becausebewbs

    I think one photo would have been enough.

  • Lou

    Please, stock up on kcco shirts and posters.
    My moustache.

  • Carbon

    I for one, want to not only touch it…but wonder how the heck much a thatched roof costs. I know it has to be updated far more often than common roof shingles

  • Anonymous

    WTF Chive?

  • Matt

    Pretty cool. One stray bottle rocket would sure ruin your day, though.

  • Beer man

    I dont see any hobbits. Wtf!

  • Not a fan

    They all look like homes with a bad haircut.

  • crothel

    This would be called a fire hazard in the U S of A

    • Dan

      Such as, timber… On everything in the U S of A.

    • welshist

      From a country that builds alot of it's houses using timber (lumber) frames and timber cladding….

  • Hmmm

    They all remind me of Moe from the Three Stooges

  • Cal1

    Costs around £350 to £500 per m2

  • Durpina

    INB4 Hogwarts, harry potter, Lord of the rings, "the old bill", bobies, Margeret Thatcher, Churchil, WW2, bad teeth, Hugh Grant… oh wait.

    Guys really need to cheer the fuck up and loose the stereotypes. It's not offencive, I mean heck a huge part of the goverments spending money comes from tourists from the US, A HUGE PART. It's just I'm trying to save you from looking like a douche.

  • justseenarosie

    #11 i can imagine thats where rosie hunt whitty would live

    • justseenarosie


  • P Diddy

    i want my house to look like a goddamn werewolf!

  • Anonymous

    You know how many air Jordan’s 6 black kids wear

  • A BiPolar Guy

    It used to be my fantasy to move to England. Freedom there has been so eroded it no longer is. In a different way freedom in the US is eroding fast in the name of an illusion of security. Now I fantasize about Australia and try to remain blissfully ignorant.

    • welshist

      Australia would be lucky to have you. Yawn…….

    • coocoocuchoo

      i dont understand why people think this about England and the UK.
      I was born here and have lived here my whole life and I have all the freedom i have ever wanted or needed.

      Give me an example I want to know what Im missing here…

  • MrKris

    I never knew a thatched roof constituted a controlled lifestyle. Damn, thank you bipolar, I am now going to take my dog for a walk over the fields on predisposed walkways and leave this message here knowing my government will take it down because im speaking out… Turd.

  • MrKris

    I guess the world ends in December for you too…

  • Richie

    Chia house.

  • Gallus

    I enjoyed this thread. Someone at theCHIVE seems to like architecture, and I like the eclectic variety these posts give to theCHIVE.

    There are a lot of variables effecting the longevity of thatched rooves. Thatching material, local weather conditions and the competence of the thatchers being somewhere at the top of the list. Still, many thatched rooves can last 25 – 30 years, with some going over 40. The standard shingle roof in the U.S. lasts for about 20 years. I'd say thatched rooves do rather well. And, by golly, some of them look one hell of a lot better than shingle.

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