• guy


  • EasternCanuck

    Very cool… Crazy sob's but still cool

  • zexunga

    Any1 can tell me the name of the song?

    • Marc

      Sail by awolnation

  • Meat

    Sail by AWOLNATION

  • Source

    Can I get the source for this thing? That's the one negative I have about these submissions. I wanna give praise to the creators!

    • bada bing


  • zexunga

    thks mr Meat 🙂

  • moogle

    Bet that scratched the shit out of their boards

  • Mat Pooney

    Wow what an incredible video. These guys are so creative its amazing how far snowboarding has come

  • Underbaker

    I was totally cracking up at all the spill in the first part of the video, but then they earned some respect, those guys are awesome, but I would never try it.

  • Der_Joe

    why isn't this front page material?
    this is awesome footage

  • http://www.snowboardsizing.org 2012 Snowboards

    Awesome video, love watching snowboarders ride those rails.

  • etcrr

    Guys make it look easy but it isn'tand the beginning reminds us it isn't

  • LMB

    I love Scott Stevens. every time I see a new video of him, my jaw hits the floor. That fool is amazing at what he does.

  • DrummerWill

    So filthy! These kids have their shit dialed

  • BRapper

    Badass tune right?

  • jibsnow

    what you know bout dylan thompson tho!?

  • Jonnboy89

    This should be part of the Olympics. Then I actually might watch the winter games…..

  • zH92

    what song is this ?

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