Best photos of the week (55 Photos)


    #24: SO FRIGGIN TRUE!!! happens every time !!!!!!!!

    #53: " WOW!!!! Sounds just like me !!! "

  • Anonymous

    Not so funny now #54 after all these years of fried seagul… the revenge is here

  • indesignkat

    #13 Your camel.., I want to lick it's toes

  • Drew

    #42 Please find….

  • king of the castle

    # 51 …hhhnnnnngggggggggg

  • mike hunt

    good god, im in love #51

  • Daiq

    #20 looks like the train ride into taribithia

  • rebelace9

    13 & 31 MOAR PLEASE

  • Jon

    #47 Moar!!!

    • Jay

      Agreed! Chiv, FIND!

  • Mr.Raider

    #2 So…basically any run of the mill jackass who wears a Chive shirt has very attractive yet comfortably immoral young ladies flock to him? No wonder they sell like hot cakes!

    • Anonymous

      #2 works at the bar. It’s at SFA in Texas, shes a chivette.

  • Tom

    please MOAR of #2. She is amazing

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  • jsy

    #21 is so cute. The sexy girl next door that u can bring home to mom.
    #13 simply smolders! Moar!

  • goldengekko1

    #17 freckles have never been so damn cute to me lmao 😀

  • Anonymous

    #2 #10 and #42. Please find more!!!!

  • Anonymous

    21 little toe, 13 big toe. Both yummy

  • Loud@theClouds

    How come no chivette of the week pics

  • Bill

    Bill F*cking Murray T’s On Sale Now!!!!!!

  • private first class

    #38 keep calm she really wanted a 3 way u had ur chance and blew it

  • Tim

    #51. Without sounding crude, rude, or unattractive I would run miles for your smiles, fly the friendly skies for your eyes, walk on broken glass for that…….. phone number. 😉 -TIM

  • Vikrant

    #11 the Mumbai pic.. doesnt actually exist… i guess its an artists representation!!!

  • 4bewbsRbetterthan2

    Your chances with 51 are actually two in a million. Do a google image search for demotivational + posters + twins. You’re welcome.

  • 4bewbsRbetterthan2

    Oh yeah…Chive please find 51…and her sister.

  • wesley


  • awestruck

    #36 I don't normally quote rebecca black, but which seat can I take?

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