Celebs play sports too (31 Photos)

  • Dicki Roberts


  • EasternCanuck

    #20 Kendra, I'll play a few holes with you anytime.

    • B_Error

      Guarantee I make a hole in one!

    • NOOT

      I'd rather play a few of her holes anytime.

      • EasternCanuck

        LOL… that's exactly what I was saying… sexual innuendo…

        • ROK247


          • BloodScrubber

            double entendre WIN. 😉

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      See you on the back nine…. Yewwwwww

  • blah blah blah



  • Anonymous

    20 is the best.

  • dagleja3

    #14 – Emma would make field hockey borderline interesting

    • Master_Rahl

      that's not how you play quidditch

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        i'd like to catch her snitch…

        in my mouth! get it? cuz harry potter did that one time? nevermind… this woman is hot.

  • who pooted!!

    #29 I hit the ball TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!!

    • Del

      Clinton " hey did you see Kendras outfit, i could spill some DNA on that buddy"

    • Dunny_

      Isn't that Sam Jackson though?
      So he would either say "Does Bill Clinton look like a bitch?"
      "I've had it with these mutha f'in traps on this mutha f'in course!"

      • :{D

        ^ this guys got it

    • Tim

      This man is a true inspiration for anyone who decides on the best presidential candidate based sole on what race he is.

  • Kyle

    Who are #9 and #27?

    • dominantone

      #27 jessica alba

    • caitens

      stacy keibler and jessica alba

      • Kyle

        Thank you kind sirs

    • Dave

      9: Stacey Keibler, 27: Jessica Alba. Who is #23?

      • AmBush_Steve

        I haven't got a good answer for you but I'd like to thank you for showing her to me again. Yum.

      • Woody

        Princess Diana

      • GuestAwesome

        Looks like Kristin Cavallari

      • matt

        #9 Stacy Kiebler #27 Jessica Alba #23 Kristin Cavallari

    • Nathan

      Stacy Kiebler from WWE and Jessica Alba

    • xspader

      Seriously? Man card…hand it over

  • Tonus

    If sitting around with a towel on your head is a sport I think I'm in with a chance at the Olympics

    • mgb23

      He played football in college.

    • Evan

      That's one ugly sweater.

    • chethive

      who is this? and who is #17?

      • Dapper_Dave

        Bill Cosby

  • dominantone

    #14 the dirty dirty things I would do

    • jdubs21

      Like play field hockey?


        On a muddy field….

        • wha?

          if there's no grass on the field, flip er over and play in the mud!

  • Anonymous

    #31 Ok roller hockey. I’m game.

  • Evan


  • Crispy

    #19 Where is Wesley Snipes? Oh wait…

    • Ray T

      I see what you did there

    • JT Mo-Nay

      Is it just me, or is this hoop REALLY low? He barely seems like he's jumping off the ground.

    • Maytrix

      white men CAN jump!

      • Bored

        Black people can't shut the fuck up in a movie theatre.

    • ...

      someone explain Crispys comment to me?

      • HUH?

        woody was in a movie with wesley called 'white men cant jump', wesley is in jail for tax evasion.

      • http://www.thechive.com The_Mike_Hancho

        how old are you 5?

    • Ari

      is it just me or does it look like the ball has no chance of going in that hoop?

  • Ned Plimpton

    #9 I'd like to wrestle with Stacy ANY day. Fuck you George Clooney.

    • jdubs21

      But he's so handsome

  • Missoula

    John Mayer likes to play with balls? That’s nothing new.

  • Huell

    #20 Golfing… Yer doin' it right

  • Master_Rahl

    #28 Her choice of sporting attire is excellent. Follow the bouncing ball, indeed…

    • Johhnyslappingham

      JLH running around in a bikini. I'm gonna need a GIF version of this photo to verify its true awesomeness

    • desikiki

      Comfortable footwear.

    • fil

      Tennis shoes. You're doing it wrong.

    • FeloniousFish

      I knew JLH was multi-talented! She should compete in Runway Speed-Modeling after seeing her play in those shoes!

  • Crispy

    #4 Bill….Fucking….Murray

    • AmBush_Steve

      The photographer should have followed him around until he got a shot of him washing his ball.

      • :{D

        notice the natural swag he emits as he balances the club on his thumb

    • r151

      BFM: "Look at all the fucks I give!"

  • Omnomnom

    #28 just keeps getting hotter

    • cwk

      but the fact that she is wearing those shoes to play tennis is a clear sign she is high maintenance.

  • B M

    look at the difference between #3 and #4….

    Too funny.

    • DuroyPrime

      One is tennis and one is golf?

      • B M

        One looks like a idiot playing tennis, the other looks a superstar playing golf.
        That's what I was trying to get at

        • Nishtai

          Why are you dising Matt? I'd like to see you play any sport and not giving a good photographer a dumb facy faggy stance EVER

        • Bob

          Actually he was a ranked junior tennis player at one time.

    • Wood


      • Ari

        I concur, out of all the pics, Matt is really the only one flying his derp flag. Just bad luck I guess.

    • dustin

      One is chandler froms friends and one is an all star movie star. I see no similarirty except smile

  • J.D.

    #12 Of course she plays tennis…

    • SolidusSnake420

      Golf would be more appropriate.

    • cld

      i thought it was martina navratilova…………..oh wait

    • ROK247

      softball too

    • Kowabunga

      this picture is a joke. look how big that racquet is.

    • buffalodave10

      I thought it was Owen Wilson, but then saw the straight nose.

  • Master_Rahl

    #10 Glad Mickey started using a paddle instead of his face.

    • Nishtai

      That was his coke measuring utensil.
      That said. Mickey fucking rules

    • Byron_Black

      He looks ghastly now, doesn't he? I still think he's cool, just looks like the Crypt Keeper's ugly brother.

    • Bill G

      He only uses his face to block punches when he boxes.

  • 13Aliens

    #21 needs to be shopped…

    • Del

      i thought he loved Balls in his face

    • Bob

      hahahaa Riverdance Ball

    • puddin pops

      solid bill cosby impression

  • zoxymusic

    #28 Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  • DoYouKnow?

    #28 Really? Is this how you gonna play tennis? With your arm covering your boobs?!

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #4 My new desktop wallpaper.

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