Celebs play sports too (31 Photos)

  • JDB85

    #3 Dude, you ever play tennis…. On Vicodin

  • Falthor

    #20 unfair advantage for distraction-airy tactics… that being said i think this should be the standard outfit for women golfers…

    • Women unite

      Not all women who play golf look like supermodel’s. If your mother, sister, or grandmother played golf, would you still want this to be the standard? It seems that your expectations on women are unrealistic.

      • Falthor

        well the out of shape truly overweight women would be amusing ingt he outfit, and everyone who isn't a supermodel you could ignore.

        Trolls trolling trolls.

  • Sebas

    #21 isn’t playing a sp

  • The Truth

    #12 …. Wow that’s a huge tennis racket you have

  • Sebas

    #21 isnt playing a sport. He is panicing because someone passed the ball to him.

  • Bill

    Three Bills in a row? Spread them out eh!
    #4, #5, #6

  • Dave O.

    Where's Coco doing a squat?

  • Slobbs

    #24, Mike Myers represent!

  • GuesT
  • JHN

    LOL Do Americans think you have to wear leather to play football #15 and #21

    • 'Merica

      Hugh Jackman is Australian and that sort of looks like Hayden Christensen, who is Canadian. Americans dont play soccer, remember?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #23 I don't know who most of these "celebrities" are but I really want to know who she is? Anybody?

  • french fries

    No love for Al Bundy? BJJ Black belt? http://l.yimg.com/a/p/sp/editorial_image/34/3481b

    • french fries

  • awhite2020


    Who is this???

    • Guessing

      Not sure, but if I had to take a guess I'd say Steve Carrell

      • awhite2020

        Oh good call! It totally is!

  • A fan

    18 lol 8ft net

  • justin

    #21 Is that Anakin Skywalker Riverdancing??

  • http://twitter.com/TAndrewarhol @TAndrewarhol

    #19 is shopped, we all know White Men Can't Jump!

  • jmurph

    Who is #25?

    • justin

      Gavin Rossdale

  • matt

    #19 apparently White Men Can Jump… if the hoop is 8 feet tall

  • Oregon_country

    #4 Screw you guys im going home

  • Bob

    #28 surprised she can swing the racket with her massive boobs geting in the way

  • drea619

    #4 strive for excellence chivers

  • Coady

    None of these are real sports minus basketball and even thats iffy.

  • jobvindex

    #12 overcompensating?

  • Russell

    CHIVE should take the guesswork out of pix like these when these so-called celebs have sunglasses on or without their usual makeup. George Clooney must be nuts to give up Elisabetta for this flat-chested Stacy Kiebler. To each his own.

  • OpMongoose

    #4 only one I recognize

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