It’s Friday, don’t be a cockblock this weekend (25 Photos)

  • Daiq

    # 16 is the true definition of haven pussy

  • @JaredDeLaRose

    #9 you would think the Reeses pillow would be a bigger cockblock

  • It’s Friday, don’t be a cockblock this weekend (25 Photos) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • justaguy

    #1 I must be the perfect wingman because I would actually prefer the bigger blonde girl…I think she's hot..she's my type!

  • tmach81

    #9 "Dude what is up with all the gay porn on your laptop"? "Oh hi Patty, how long have you been here"?

  • Head Chef

    #3 but they got in on in the back of that car?

  • Guy Manningham

    #1 is why I hang out with Marines. They'll bang anything… and brag about it.

  • loz

    #5 and #6

    Any HP fan knows Ron is the ultimate cockblocker, barging into his sister's room like that…

  • John Robert

    You're doing it right.
    You're = you are
    Your = something that belongs to you.
    For the love of God, can you please fucking get this one right.
    Thank you.

  • partysauce

    #9 is actually a porno… or so my "friend" tells me

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