It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (33 Photos)

  • Kevin


  • D Doug

    Lots of chivers are photobombing !!! Keep On !!!

  • Rose3191

    #9 sooon….

    • women unite

      Rose31091, I bet you have a beautiful face. You should show it!

      • Rose3191

        Thank you so much, and I have shown it on theChive

    • mcsweeny13

      my submit so happy now!!

  • xDV8x

    Great start to a friday!!

  • FrenChiver

    #33 Adel! Cool Cool Cool

    • dbsnydes


    • @budman43224

      Dat ass!

    • SARmedic

      #33 is my new favorite number…until the next hump day, or burn your bra day, etc.

  • bucknasty

    #16 is my submit! woot woot! Thanks for making my day Chive!

    • Aaron

      good job, nastybuck…

    • Dapper_Dave


    • obamasucks

      good job, but that bitch has no boobs….. and something weird going on with the rest… it would appear that her ass might be okay, but with zero boobs, she would need a retarded ass to make up……

      • Yeah, Pretty Sure

        I'm pretty sure that's a dude.

    • whyme1973

      Great body, no boobs, and a guy wearing a very colorful diaper in the background. PERFECT!

    • Arizona_Buck

      No boobs, Dancers body, nice ass, face kind of like a horse, I think I know this girl

  • Scott

    I must say number 22 would he better if they were naked. But that looks like a family event, so why was there a dare going on to even pose like that?

    • Katie


    • B_Error

      #22 Mardi Gras What else can you say!? However that's on the Metairie parade route.. The "family friendly" route…

  • Del

    forever alone

    • AmBush_Steve

      He was actually showing his hand the hottie and thinking "Why can't you ever dress like that?"

    • hakai20

      I got more of the impression that he knows her. Friendzoned?

  • EasternCanuck

    #33 Abed knows his shit….

    • whyme1973

      You can almost hear him saying "Now that is a great ass"

    • theyellowfever

      Cool. Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • Del

    i thought priests only liked pre pubescent boys?

    • AmBush_Steve

      I thought the same thing but looking at the hat it looks to be a costume of some kind, Halloween perhaps. Not doing a very god job of staying in character.

    • just_some_guy

      Untrue, man. There was that Bishop out in CA who had a secret family–wife and kids and everything. Some priests like to smash ladies too.

    • Gallus

      Agree. When I saw him kissing a girl, I new it had to be a costume. Probably Mardi Gras, it's that time of year.

  • LLD

    #31 The girl leaning away on the right is very pretty… Find HER!

  • Aaron

    #2 digging for gold…


    is that Jodie Foster? #1

    • esotericchuck

      Those are the thoughts that I had. Uncomfortable scene.

    • echogeo

      Nahhh, just missing the strap-on.

    • ROK247

      i think this is one of the best photobombs ever. the guy in the back really captures the essence of that moment.

      • AlsDisciple

        There's a guy in the back? Oh….wait….there he is…..good eye, dude.

    • Tomas

      Find the one on the left!!! 🙂

  • Del


    Hey dad, i have the strangest boner right now…… Dont worry son, youll understand in a few years…

    • My_3_Things

      Dear diary, Jackpot!

      • Kyle

        Can we place a find order?

    • tommytwotime

      It's like this generation's Jerry Maguire kid

  • twoedges

    #33 Big Bang Theory on TV. Check. Tron poster. Check. Smoking hot naked chick. Che… Wait Whhaaaaaa???

    • AmBush_Steve

      Community dude, not Big Bang Theory. At least you were right about the smoking hot chick, except the naked part.

      • twoedges

        I know its one of those shows that nerds watch. She is still out of place nonetheless and i want to meet this guy.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #4 At first I thought she was just imitating the guy behind her then I saw the horrible photoshopping on the left.. then I was all like.. well, I was all like the guy on the right. lol

    • dkptig

      if you dont shit yourself laughing at this one, you must have a good job.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #33 AWESOME! Wow! Where did they get the Frankenstein poster??

  • AmBush_Steve

    #5 – Taking that old Little Jimmy Dickens song a bit too seriously.

  • JerryLinGiant

    #16 best one

    • JerryLinGiant

      as in best photobomb you guys

      • Csquaredapparel

        Don't lie.

  • etcrr

    #33 Perfect ass, nice long legs, A gap that would please anyone, Fantastic photo

    • @McBeastie666

      once again there to point out everything that is obvious to everyone so as to receive your precious thumbs up.

  • Ling Ling Herro?

    #32 "Hi dad" was the last we saw of poor ol' dad

  • Del


    I hope he brought his gumby condoms

  • syvius

    #1 #9 so incredibly hot

  • syvius

    err #13 not 9 lol

    • truth

      Is that a Chupacabra down bottom?

    • FeloniousFish

      Who Cares! That's a keeper Red Fish, LUCKY!

  • Matrix19

    #11 and #30 are hilarious!!

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