Nostalgia is on the breakfast plate this morning (35 Photos)

  • @fede_diazz

    It's already on my desk! #12

  • RobTalk

    #16 needs to be a gif.

  • Bill

    It makes me feel very old when I see something on here and I'm like: "That wasn't that long ago…… Wait… SHIT!"

  • Hoover

    #5 Welcome to the Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger, can I take your Order.

  • sweetchivette

    all time fav. book #2 if you give a mouse a cookie! ❤ #21 my brother got a worm stuck up his nose from there one day and had to take him to the e.r. lol #27 ❤

  • Caleb

    #12 I wish they would bring back those old school cans
    And #22 I use to have at least 6 or more at one time

  • Borat

    Jordan over Ehlo, the bulls win!!! The bulls win!!!!!

  • Soupy face


  • 6KJR


  • Mark

    Good Burger came out in '97.

  • jwpcwrd

    #29 David Bowie for the win

  • Nope

    #18 – I pity any of you dbags that were young enough to actually like Power Rangers. Talk about revisionist history, that crap was always garbage.

  • g0oey

    What movie was #16 on? Drawing a blank…guessing an Adam sandler movie?

    • Jg

      #16 looks like billy madison

  • Matt

    Nostalgia ftw

  • d1gitalpunk

    #23 shit what was the name of this game! played it as a kid, cant for the life of me remember its name…

    • lincoln2838

      California Games. First game i got with my Nintendo!

    • Jg


  • Kim Jong Ding Dong


    That's a screen I've never seen, because Mike Tyson always kicks my ass. Guess I just don't have the finger speed…

  • Jastogie

    Jake The Snake, Mr. Perfect and the Big Boss Man; R.I.P.

  • Simon

    The only time it's acceptable for a guy to watch a movie with "Princess" in the title.

  • kathrynmccord1

    Most of these are from the 90s…

  • Pclocal79

    #11 r those SKIDS

  • SuperPants

    Ahh, I loved the Stinky Cheese Man! I read that book at least twice a week.

  • Ryan

    #8 Oh God, how I hated those things. One of the few things from childhood I do not miss.

  • hmcby

    #22 used to love these, had cases of them. I used to hit em with a hammer also till I about put my eye out and burnt the Sh*t out of my eyelid.

  • squid

    #25 what’s the name of this game!?

  • Mikehutch

    No A&W bear?…

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