Products made in the country of WTF (24 Photos)

  • My_3_Things

    I'm liking #7

    • mikey

      What…the fat chick?…

      • driftwoodprose

        Yeah, the curvy chick. And that's a pretty sweet outfit.

    • Master_Rahl

      would love to push her buttons (wow, that joke was just as bad as I thought it would be)

      • Dbswv

        Id defiantly hit select. Both the jokes are terrible 😦

    • blar
    • truth

      conceptually maybe, but she's fat

      • Imakesandwiches

        her gut is not exploding everywhere, she's curvy….there's a difference. Not every guy likes a girl that disappears when she turns to her side.

    • Jeff


    • Dai

      I'd play her any day

  • Del

    #9 i have six of the coldest boners

    • Logan Slogan

      Do they make 40 oz. boners?

    • Allhailmartyfeldman

      It's pronounced "Eye-gor"

  • just_some_guy

    #4 Not sure I get it…

    • Tomas

      These things are actually verrrry yummy! 🙂

    • MuckleFucker

      I'm pretty sure it refers to this.

    • Strangerhascandy

      I don't get it, either. Those are DELICIOUS!

    • Lamboe

      This will explain everything……

      'safe search off''

      • Umptyscrunch

        Great! Now I can't unsee it!

    • ChelseaRules

      New, from the makers of Goetze's Caramel Creams: Tubgirl Chocolate Milk!

    • mid13

      lovelovelove wawa! It's like my second home. It's a Jersey thing..and a Philly and Delaware one I suppose.

      • Hunter

        actually a PA thing…

    • @DadCorleone

      It's actually pronounced "Getzes." And they are beyond delicious. Get your asses in a car and find some if you've never had them.

  • Edmard

    number 24 is my mates alarm clock. Still doesn't get him up!

    • RYFKM

      You should tell that story at parties

    • lex

      i need one of those… maybe then it would take my wife long enough to turn off the alarm clock to where i'd be awake…



  • Joe

    I have Toilet Golf. It's amazing.

  • MattKL

    #3 Obviously Flavor Flav is moving into the backpack industry.

    • Master_Rahl


    • Verbal_Kint

      Damn… I was too slow…

  • Mike

    If 7 were sitting on top of number 8, my brain might explode from the huge nerdgasm

    • fixedthatforyou

      #7 #8

  • DotsOfColor

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  • Dan

    I like #11 and #12.

  • etcrr

    #12 Irony comes in many forms

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    Hey, there's something about #21 that's awesome…..saw a couple while I was in Europe. They're fairly popular

    • dedubs

      yeap, saw one in an airport in South Africa

    • Greg

      I'd try it.

    • Lyra

      You were in 'Europe' (does this not just mean: a country in Europe?)
      Where exactly? Because I live in Europe, been to a few countries and have never ever seen one of these…

      • Spencer_on_Fire

        Well, I was in a few places in Europe, so sorry to lump it all together. But I saw a few in the UK metro, one in Germany, one in Malta. I wasn't specifically looking for these things, but they're around.

        • Pete

          The UK Metro y'say?

      • flux

        Heh yeah I like it how they go to Paris and say I've seen Europe 😀

    • Poodle of Death

      Damn i life in Germany and i had no idea that we have so awesome things here.
      I have to find it!

      • sub

        Same here… only 300 meters from my home is a shop with one of those (Nuremberg).

  • justin

    #1 "You can keep you keep your weed in there!"

    • tapsnapornap

      "You can keep you keep your weed in there!"

      Are you high?

      • CowboyAdam

        Would have been a good comment if he wasn't high.

        • BankOfAmerica SUCKS

          For all of you that does not know where that line is from, it was a series of Saturday Night Live skits.
          The first one I remember seeing was with Christian Slater, hard to find on the net. here is a link to with a poor quality one where Charles Barkley plays a cop .

  • DotsOfColor

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  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #3 Falvor Flav's backpack?

    • Trig

      If hes Brasilian and heading for the tube his days going to be shit!

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 Is this a frickin' chia necklace? A mini pot of wtf.

  • Dead

    #5 'merica

    Fattest country in world bar none, will eat anything if its extra large and supreme

    • Joel

      I think you mean if its extra large and pepperoni. 'Mericans don't like vegetables on their pizza.

      • rphilman1

        That's impossible since pizza is now a vegetable.

    • BigRick69

      That's a German brand of frozen pizza.

      • Alpha0010

        Exactly: Germericans.

  • Toale

    Where can I buy #10?

    • Tomas

      This is clever. 🙂

    • peter.james

      shit is tight

    • Scooby

      i have 7 of these. From amazon. Someone tell me why this is a WTF product

    • CallsignMigs $0.62 for the black one. they have white and blue, too.

      • John has them also

    • tapsnapornap


  • Matt

    #23. Do want. Not sure why, but I do.

    • peter.james

      for the aspiring hipster out there

    • Dirty Dingus

      Works great….if everything you need to type is ggggggggggggggggg

    • DaddyD

      Because you want to type the letter H all the time.

    • AnneH

      I looked this up, and it's actually pretty cool. It's a kit to turn any real typewriter into a USB keyboard for your computer or any variety of tablets. Google "USB typewriter"

  • Mauibrent

    #1 The new and improved Chia necklace!!!!!!

  • aciekay

    #12 i actually really want this… as in right now.

    • Relax

      It's not a dildo

      • aaa

        It makes a siren noise too. I have one

  • Matt

    Only problem with #20 is when you're talking to yourself about the quality of your strokes and your wife walks by…

    • Jay

      "It's all in the hips baby, it's all in the hips"

    • poisonchivey

      if you're puttin on the pooper, you probably don't have a wife

  • Funkmaster

    #4 whats wrong with caramel creams aka bulls-eyes ??? Im eating one right now…they ROCK !!!!!!

    • Laura

      These things are amazingly delicious

      • obamasucks

        search goatse in google images… your welcome

  • Insomniac

    I actually think #11 is pretty funny, I might paint mine like that (we don't exchange them here, just refill them)

    • JJJJ

      I was thinking the same thing!

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