Products made in the country of WTF (24 Photos)

  • burn1D0WN

    Find the girl in #7 her curves are something this world needs more of

  • Heres_Johnny30

    #24 It would do it one time only! <p class="comment-thumbs"><a style="display: block; width: 135px; height: 100px;" href=""><img style="position: absolute;" class="comment-thumb" id="img-24-incomment-300769080" width="135" height="100" src="; alt="Image #24" border="0">

  • @ChristophRead

    I'd snake a #23. If I has an iPad, that is.

  • bkfrijoles

    #8 WANT!!!

  • JLay

    Bradley Cooper, have you no shame? #20

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #10 – seriously awesome.

    #22 – seriously…WTF?

    #24 – I received one of those as a gift. Returned it or sold it at a garage sale or something. I was about 20 years too old for it when I got it. :\

    • Tim

      I have #10 in black, best phone case i’ve ever owned, my nephews however didnt know what it was supposed to be, i died a little inside.

  • Steve

    #3 – Rock out with your clock out

  • hark1985

    #20 I used to own one.

  • Andre.N

    #7 Wich boton i have to press to make the screen show through???

  • Gallus

    #6 – I wonder what it is like drifting off to sleep while caressing broccoli?

    #13 has possibilities – but, I prefer tying my own bowties.

    I have actually seen #14. They're ice molds. I thought they were sort of fun, but I didn't buy any.

  • bekah

    I bought #20 & brought it to a yankee swap at work one year. My boss ended up getting it. I never told him it was me.

  • Bob

    #15 that guy is a dick lol

  • jaydub2xx

    #5 …i might be a big american…but i never remember having corn as a topping of choice on a pizza…

  • C W

    #20 Gives a whole new meaning to "working on your short game"

  • obamasucks

    wow that was profound…..

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      you mad bro

      • etcrr

        Obama sucks and so do you and nothing you ever have to say is profound. Kinda Ironic and the petty bullshit from you doesn't deserve anger

  • Possum

    Literally dumping right now, # 20 would be awesome

  • P90

    #15 'Insert blood joke here'

  • chavo

    #7 is the best.

  • Crazy Bill

    Love Wawa products. If you don’t have one your missing out!!z!

  • OpMongoose

    #22 oh Eye see 10 points to hit that bitch in the eye

  • Natalie Ann

    Sadly I found the majority of this stuff to be totally rad.

  • Anonymous

    #20 how do u take a poop with ur underware still on

  • JAy p

    #4 made right here in Baltimore, Md

  • Cat

    I would buy the shit out of #8 xD

  • Best Garner Ever

    #16 Slipknot had a fashion so…

    • Best Garner Ever's Show

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