Ummm….I’m sorry, we’re not hiring (31 Photos)

  • luckyB

    im all for tats and piercings….but holy fuck. just……………………….no

  • Zachary

    People need to realize it's their own choice to get body modification's. Stop hating in the end it's not your body. I love seeing bodies with these mods. Hopefully one day they will be accepted by all. Peace Bro lol. post more blowouts… it makes me loooooooooooooooooooooool a lot.
    Zachary Nickerson

  • Marc

    OMFG!!! Why are people doing this???

  • The Carlos

    #31 This guy is a scientist growing an ear in a new way for transplants.
    #13 This guy is a scientist growing a scrotum for the hell of it

  • Chris

    There was a time in his country when these people would be set on fire… the good ole days

  • Dan

    I see a lot of people who weren't hugged enough when they were little.

  • timgrizzle
  • hallucinatingmartyr

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  • justin

    I hate these people

  • kevin

    19# kinda cute!

  • NaTaS

    #19 Hope that's a girl and #21 the nicest guy I ever met had about twice as many facial piercings.

    • Really?

      #19 looks like she might actually be cute if you removed all that shit.

  • Another chiver

    #29 just stupid

  • Missoula


  • Chivebarker

    My face hurts

  • Jake

    Dennis rodman thinks these people are weird.

  • Kyle

    Look at all these winners…their parents would be proud. :')

  • paul

    Zach’s right…

    But i still call fuckin YUCK.

  • Polaski

    # fix your face!…oh no…too late mate

  • fibonacci5150

    I don't want to get piercings in this world anymore

  • zaedrus

    This is "performance artist" Stelarc. Likable guy, but definitely bizarre.

  • Kevin

    Extremely sad and twisted people. The post is exactly right. No one will hire these people for anything and the rest of us will have to pay their welfare bill. Its just a sorry excuse to be useless and lazy to society.

  • Seldi84

    #5 #20 What. The. Fuck. & these are the most normal looking of the bunch.

    • ChelseaRules

      #20 is just a septum ring. I actually like that, I wanted to get one of those for a mustache party I was going to.

    • Mmmm

      Agreed. That bridge piece is actually kind of nice and is only one hole after-all. I had my septum for a while, the mustache is kind cute. Piercings are fun and satisfy a natural urge but goddamn, stop letting addiction run your life. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

  • LLD

    #20 is funny.
    #22 is sad.
    The rest are just like the categories they’re indexed in: creepy-fail-idiot

  • 177ike

    Strange how both her upper and lower teeth are located below her lips. She wouldn't even be able to open her mouth. Worst photoshop ever.

    As someone with a large amount of tattoos I dont know what the hell these people are thinking when they got theirs

  • drbman

    well I am going to vomit now.

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