Ummm….I’m sorry, we’re not hiring (31 Photos)

  • Matt

    Spends crazy $$ to get shit done to their body…bitches that they are broke and can't get a job.

    Yer doing it right, dipshits.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure there is enough fire in the world to burn them all. But you bet I’m gonna try anyways.

  • dave

    Isn't it great that we are paying for all of their expenses, since they are obviously unemployable?

    • Leroy Laroche

      actually, i am employed. i am picture #1 . love reading all these ignorant post's.

  • Matt


  • doctorjoshie

    I'm not offended or angry or whatever, just a little heartbroken that these folks chose to do these things to the beautiful bodies and faces they were born with. I know, I know, "Their bodies/faces, their choices." But as a doc, this makes me sad.

  • WolfmanJack

    Why???? Hideous!!!

  • Anon

    #17 wraith?

  • MacTheLad

    Is his eye getting tattooed. What a flange.

  • Dude Imbibes

    #25 that''s look great when you are 70!

    • Doobsy

      LOL. Because it doesnt look bad now….. ? This guy FTW. What a tool. Its not even a nice looking vag! Thats what i dont get!

  • @danieljillm

    And not a single fuck was given that day

  • the mac

    Don’t get me wrong I like tattoos, but its better if you can hide them with like a long sleeve, some of these retards won’t get a job for the rest of they’re lives

  • tinypocket

    This is no different than cutting you hair, getting a nose job, or peircing your ears. Its done all for the same reasons. Everyones percieves beauty differently.

    • Mmmm

      Bullshit. It STARTS that way and then just ends up in…. addiction.

  • RypCity


  • Hammyscrammy

    WTF is wrong with people?


    #6 No I will not fix your computer, I need some time to fix my face first. #7 The infamous Cat Lady… you're doing it wrong.

  • tommytwotime

    What the fuck man!!??

  • lfsg

    #10 I wonder how does he wipe his nose. And why oh why would someone do what #9 did to herself

  • Anonymous

    #20 is actually kinda funny

  • MF6

    Never do this again

  • PenalColony

    Some of these literally made me feel like puking.

  • ChiTownChiver

    Pretty sure we could use 31 bullets or 31 separate bombs right about meow. Fuckin gross. AND WTF #28!?

  • emo and alone

    Lol @ tattoos and piercings. “Hmm I think ill go destroy myself to be a topic to talk about tomorrow, yay I love attention.”

  • SmokeyMorgan

    OK, I have to ask the most obvious question here. How does #9 eat and drink?

  • lalexgeorge

    I almost threw up half way through this post, AWFUL

  • keith

    All these people are examples of not being Loved enough by Mommy and Daddy.

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