Ummm….I’m sorry, we’re not hiring (31 Photos)



  • Alucard

    Hands down most disturbing post I've seen on theChive

  • Jezdezpez

    Why are people this retarded? THESE PEOPLE ARE RETARDS!

    • jmorse

      retarded people would even call these people retarded

  • Mr. H

    I just want to punche them all in the fac…….well, anywhere.

  • Anonymous


  • Bry10

    What the F is wrong with these people?

  • Maynard B.

    Can you say "Freak Parade?"

  • AllanA

    #14 WTF?!?

    #25 I know what you were thinking when you looked at this pic…

    This whole post was very disturbing, specially early in the morning

  • K9

    Your FIRED…….. The end.

  • Waleed Tariq

    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Elissa

    The cat lady was a little too much this morning!I

  • laxwoman9

    Why are people so damn retarded

  • Shar11

    one word….WOW!!!!

  • starstruck231

    #20 I would hire because its funny. The rest are just terrible.

  • SoBe Bound

    The What the Fuck is strong in this thread.

  • Anonymous

    I like #11, I don’t know what kind of job you could get with that though

  • the inquisition

    Burn them! Burn them with fire!

  • chris

    #19 is kinda cute

  • Anonymous

    at least we finally got to see a vagina on the chive

  • Mike

    Someone needs to bring back the AIDS virus and rub it on all the needles.

    • Leroy Laroche


    • Jes

      uhm I don't think AIDS has gone anywhere.. just saying…

  • SinisteR

    Thank you CHIVE for my daily confirmation that I am not a freak after all. And, in fact, quite a well-adjusted person.

  • Anonymous

    1-31 WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

  • WailingFungus

    I’m gunna have to call you back Mom, gotta pierce my face with a hammer. . . Luv you to ma.

  • Rj

    #14 my classy coworkers met the Drake girl at al iquor store and took her back to his apartment. apparently on the walk over she decided to squat in the middle of the busy street and take a piss. She seems nice…..

  • Nathan

    Welcome to America today, where being stupid is cool…

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