Ummm….I’m sorry, we’re not hiring (31 Photos)

  • Brad

    Attention whores. The whole lot of them.

  • @RickvdS

    This really grossed me out, just before dinner.. that's nice :/

  • Chris

    Get irreversible body mods, end up on the Chive — worth it??

  • Bob

    #20…I don't understand why anyone would want to do any of these things to them self, BUT, this one, 20, this is actually pretty cool, well, clever.

  • Zach

    What’s it matter to you? Let em do what they want.

  • Falthor

    #1 how do you breath through your nose?

    #23 isn't that the chick who was suing because she was only supposed to get 3 or 4 stars, and she fell asleep and that was what she ended up with?

    • Wim

      At first she sued the tattoo artist for placing 56 stars when she felt asleep while being placed a tattoo. But she cancelled the lawsuit and she had to admit that she actualy asked for the 56 stars, but was afraid of the reaction of her dad and then said that she asked for 3 stars and fell asleep.

    • Leroy Laroche

      i breathe just fine. that was a one time picture with that thing and i keep a glass plug in my septum 24/7. so it's not even visible unless looked at from the side.

  • reaperACTUAL

    #12 The ONLY one here with a future.

  • scott

    i just threw up a little bit….

  • Walker

    Kill all their nests!

  • justin

    #1 They said I could be anything…So I became a guest towel rack.
    #25 Ok, fine. lesbian pride and all, but why a big, ugly, beef curtain pussy?..ack!

  • awestruck

    #30 they said i could be anything so i became a pincushion

  • ash

    19 would probably be pretty if she took them out.

  • Jeff


    Spice must flow

  • Mykexl

    man, i think this is an example of what happends when you dont hug a kid and tell them that you love them. no kidding!!!

  • matt

    i couldn't make it through the whole set of pictures… too gross and painful looking

  • ImpressMe

    Somewhere out there these people have parents who wonder wtf went wrong. Most of them anyway. I can't imagine my kid doing that.

  • Twigfinger

    Never mind…..

  • Shirley

    I'm wondering if #25 asked for the warts on those peeflaps or if that was the artist's idea

  • thelifeofthisgirl

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…we are outdoing the creepiness of the aliens we've made up for tv

  • SARmedic

    I don't think #29 will be able to give blood, it doesn't look like the proper aseptic technique was used.

  • Pikesville

    I hate every one of these people.

  • anon

    #29 yeah and stupidity kills

  • bam

    11 is actually a model now for mugler and works with lady gaga lol he's called zombie boy or rick genest and currently trying to become a dubstep artist or something.

  • Andy Gonzo

    I am saddened with all the negative posts from all the Chivers. Not one of you would ever have the balls to confront any of these people, instead you would choose to snicker and make snide comments to friends. Way to be ignorant Chive. These people are more free and happy than any of you.

  • Bob

    Fucking morons……..

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