Ummm….I’m sorry, we’re not hiring (31 Photos)

  • Ibonthalean

    #9 what is she doing showing everybody she don’t brush her teeth!!!!LMAO

  • Mr flm

    #31 is an artist , Stellarc

  • .riley


    Pretty sure this dude is a tattoo artist in Las Vegas. If its him, awesome dude, puts out great art.

  • egodeus59

    Believe it or not many people who do this kind of thing actually work, usually as performance artists or as tattooists/piercers.

  • Kim Jong Ding Dong


    HELP! I'm being attacked by Skittles!

    I can't believe this shit…

  • Sarah

    #20 isn't that bad.

  • angeline campos

    #20 heyy that’s my boyfriend ! Isn’t he the cutest ❤ love you boo !

  • Greg

    But why?

  • Kelby C

    #19 would not look too bad if she lost all that shrapnel from her face.

  • pokin smot

    10 is a straight edge faggot


    #29 when you are in this article, and you clearly stand out as the stupid one, its not a good thing

  • rick

    #23 is from Belgium and sued the tattoo company claiming she came in to have 3 stars but fell alsleep while he was setting the tattoo and when she woke up half of her face was covered in stars. (She lost the claim)

  • amazonjade

    I had 18 piercings when I was 18 years old. I felt comfortable with who i was. However, the judgements others made about me affected my life and opportunities. A few years later, I grew the fuck up, took out a handful of body jewelry, and got a real job..

    Every once in a while I'll get a bug to wear a piece of jewelry, and I still can. My body is a tool, it is my vehicle, it is for my mind to use and to shape, and it made others see me as something completely different. Body mods have nothing to do with freedom and expression. True freedom came when I took all the jewelry out and people saw me for me.

  • nyoung

    #20 is my ex girl friends brother. It was funny to see him on the chice

  • Jordan P

    #1 Wants to look like a doorknocker

  • jab

    I'm just really excited for the "30 years later" versions

  • towsty

    I’m sorry, maybe its a regional thing but… coca-cola light?

  • toilet roll

    #1 I have a toilet paper holder that looks exactly like this!

  • Worlz

    All I see is…… a bunch of terrible infections waiting to happen

  • DoubleDee

    This literally made me nauseous… And I typically love tattoos and piercings. Sadly #19 would be adorable if she took most of that shit out of her face.

  • Charlie

    how do some of these people sleep?

  • TheCultofPersonality


  • W74

    Edward Scissorhands

  • nburr20

    #19 Okay it might just be me, but shes almost still hot

    • nburr20

      besides her meat grinder of a mouth

  • Retired Navy

    This scared the shit out of me.

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