Youtube comments that had me on the floor (18 Photos)

  • SadeShadz

    #18 and #20 made me laugh out in the office!! xD Good sh!t!

  • jay beard

    Really good post -vote for weekly or bi weekly

  • aj8bit

    Best (18 Photos) I've ever looked at!

  • @fede_diazz

    Just awesome.

  • Gallus

    #7 had me laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom. 🙂

    #5, if your manhood is that fragile, you need some major therapy. A cute fix never hurt any man.

  • synthetictruism

    #10 my monitor is now covered in coffee…

  • dissonantmonkey

    I imagine the line in #20 being delivered by Mitch Hedberg and it becomes even better.

  • splash down

    #13 Fuck you we're awesome

    • Kodos

      posted by some eurotrash asshole..probably french.

      fuck you, asshole

  • rphilman1

    #13 This was funny to you…?

    • Kodos

      poor choice, CHIVE

  • 65massey

    3th… when you just cant be 1th.

  • Nickincollege

    #14 #20 Thanks. Now I have to wipe down a backwash-soaked keyboard.

  • hark1985

    #22 I always wished for the same thing

  • mrjimmyos

    I took one of these youtube screencaps a while back because it made me laugh

  • Big McLarge Huge

    make this a weekly post !! There! I said it !

  • ...


    • etcrr

      #19 Lady Gaga acting normal WTF

  • OhSomeEvil

    This was the most accurate comment I've ever read.
    Also went to youtube and it's hit with 1000 chivers!

  • obamasucks

    dear lord

  • ?

    #13 True story.

  • T

    Haha everyone who comments on Youtube tries to 1-Up the last asshole. This is damn funny.

  • Orl


  • Guest

    One of my favorite chive posts in recent memory!

  • Richard

    Man Ive had the worst two weeks ever. At least I can always count on thechive to make me laugh when all else is so shitty.

  • Julia

    This was hilarious, please please please find more of these!!

  • Justin

    # 13 is going to make this “stfu” person who posts pretty mad which is great!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #20 Now that is funny

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