A few simple solutions to everyday problems (16 Photos)

  • werd

    chive uve done it again

  • Anonymous

    Great and Simple Ideas to make Life Simple

  • Megan

    I like turtles…

  • Brittany

    And we wonder why our youth are on the wrong path. We have people that encourage ,by sharing, unethical things such as this.

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  • Priscilla Sharpe

    All of them are fabulous! Thanks

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  • Pamela vanDijk

    I definitely will try the comb when having to put a nail somewhere. Yes, I'm a woman but these little tips are great for us women who have no man to help out. I've hit my finger more than once with the hammer.. Ouch! That does hurt. Also the tube is a great idea for keeping cords neatly kept and out of the way

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