Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Gallus

    I think #1 is great. How clever!

    I just can't look at #4 without thinking "War of the Worlds."

    Uh, #9, why does it have to be all about *you*?! Maybe good ol' mom has a problem.

    I sure wish I could have #12 as a morning routine.

  • SA Texas Chiver

    12 she wakes up wearing heels and topless. I wanna sleep in her bed

  • Davy

    #22 Where was that taken?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Can attention whores like #12 be limited to the dar or other posts. Dma is One of the few untainted sections left. If I wanted to look at attention whores I would do it right with is anyone up.

  • SoBe Bound

    #12 looks good to me.

  • jaydub2xx

    #8 …CAPTAIN MULLET TO THE RESCUE!!!…nevermind…

  • Jason

    #28, hope we aren't judging dad, he's clearly experienced making do in college

  • Dave

    #12 afetr you put on your heels? girl your hot you dont have to make shit up and so true you cant look at the chive on your phone, just not the same effect.

  • Tony

    #12……if only the chive app worked……

  • stuf

    1. Most of these girls not attractive
    2. Most of these girls attention seeking
    3. no black girls what so ever
    4. email me at chiveisr acist@g mail.com , join the 5000+ to sign the petition
    5. anti-chive blog and lobbying firm coming to address media
    6. we seek integration of black girls into all posts
    7. when black girls are integrated, please put them towards the top and quit hiding them until the end
    8. mac the intern, want to make fun of asians and blacks more? NO STOP IT
    9. black is beautiful as existed twice. that is not enough. plus we want integration
    10. chive endorses gun usage
    11. The chive is not rac ist, they only submit pictures provided by users. Perhaps this is true to an extent. But I find it hard to believe that all user submitted pictures are whites only. Furthermore, the chive provides galleries of NON USER SUBMITTED pictures i.e. porn stars, random models. There has only been 1 such gallery in recent memory of an Afr ican American.
    12. BET and NAACP is Rac ist and why isn’t there a WET? Ok, so this is ridiculous. We have WET. It’s called the REST OF TV. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. All programming geared towards white actors. BET and NAACP exist for a reason. THEY REPRESENT MI NORITY VIEWS. AF RICAN AMERICANS ARE MINORI TIES.

    13.Chive is free to do what they want. Yes. They are. But I am also free to express discontent. There are literally thousands of viewers like myself who are upset with the Chive’s practices. Thus, we are allowed to speak just as much as you are.

    14. Well, the Chive had a black is beautiful post. Ok. 1 gallery. Out of HUNDREDS of others. Enough Said. What we want is integration of mi norities into all galleries. Not just one to appease the chive’s psyche. Further, to add insult to injury, the chive put a black is beautiful on the glorious MLK day. Come on!

    15. GO TO FACEBOOK and report all posts/pictures on the chive page as sexually exploitative, FACEBOOK WILL SHUT THEM DOWN!

    16. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    17. Look out for my website, the anti-chive. It’s a blog of chive’s racial preferences, and photo screen shots ofuser generated comments that are so racist.

    • Jdbosu

      If you hate the chive so much why do you continue to look at it?

  • LMB

    ^^WTF chive is awesome haha. Hater 🙂

  • Moare

    To many haters on here today. Seriously fuck, the chive app works I have it. Even if it didn’t work the mobile site works just as good as the full site. I used to use it daily and the quality is just as good on my phone as on the computer. That being said #12 your sexy as hell!

  • meh

    #9 Well, if you're a woman…

  • Smiggle

    #12 makes me wanna #17..Thank you and that ass for looking good in the morning….Chive more and post alot…….

  • stephen

    Notice the link about your son being gay…

    • stephen

      As, he took his comment down that I wanted to post on. Lame

  • Jawbone

    #7 If ever were there a face custom made to receive a baseball bat…

  • Bumhugs

    #12 I am an athiest, normally, but seriously, how can there not be a God when something like this exists? I do, however, believe that he is a cruel and unjust God, because how could you release this on the world and not share it with everyone? In short, I love this pic but hate God for making her.

  • yeeNyeee

    #13 is the real america,i miss being young and stupid 🙂

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  • IrishWolfhound

    #26 Spelled perceive wrong.

  • How Life Works

    #9 Well little bro she's probably posting comments with you as a reference as a straight son. Unless you're not sure about your sexuality, you shouldn't really care what your mom is doing. She's helping folks, what are you doing? You can't even imagine what it means to help other people, you just go straight to "everything is about me"
    Good luck with that little bro

  • sad

    fuk tat battlestar gallactica sound is a reason to go off that site for me

  • HotashNerd

    #12 is that a back door entrance?

  • Athena

    #14 has to be the most adorable thing I've ever seen. 🙂

  • poopoo


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