• Bob

    Wow, a video of a guy doing his job.

    • Osage


    • CzarCzarBinks

      So…if I pushed you while you were doing your work you wouldn't complain? Because just what those defenders are doing is against the rules, just like pushing you could be considered against the law.

  • Name

    seems like a bit of a ball-hog to me…

  • :-D


  • DrLeppiwinks

    I love it that there has to be a video praising a guy for not taking a dive… check out Ronnie Lott having his pinky ripped off during a game and continuing to play rather than having it reattached

    • JT

      I think what happened is that he broke it during a game and then, rather than sit out a few weeks to let it heal, he decided to amputate it at the distal knuckle. not trying to take anything away from the guy, because that takes balls, obviously (or maybe lots of stupidity)

    • anti 'US ignorance'

      hahhahaha wow, you actually believe that? he had the tipof his pinky finger mashed and had to have it amputated later… heres some reference, please get educated

      • DrLeppiwinks

        never let the truth get in the way of a good story… and I'll still say its hilarious that a video has to be made to show that not all guys flop in soccer. Im not ignorant, I just happen to watch it happen… over… and over. Id actually rather watch the Women's World Cup. Way less flopping/gamesmanship. Just kick the ball and quit crying.

      • DrLeppiwinks

        here are some references for you, please get educated http://thechive.com/2011/08/22/hilarious-soccer-d

  • ozarks

    better to fall asleep to than the golf channel

  • Joe

    What are you implying, genius? Who cares about your retardness…

    • _maxPain_

      retardness joe is posting stupid comments anonymously like you just did,,I suspect that you are european watching cricket or futbool thinking how amazing you are,,well guess what,,you aren't..

  • Yo Yo Ma

    Fuck. Even soccer's highlight reels are boring as shit.

  • knotmee

    Wow, they've amazingly made soccer even more boring.

    • samuray4k

      don't like it? don't watch it!
      P.S. : you spelled football wrong.

  • TheMenzingers

    How this little genious isn't injured all the time is amazing. He takes a beating every night!

  • Corpie

    If you look at his style as well, he doesn't throw elbows, grab jerseys or purposely try to get revenge.
    Beautiful player.

  • vegas shooby doo

    nice vid even tho some of these people don't understand the game of football…that y hes the best footballer in the world…

  • David

    Well since its a Messi HIGHLIGHT video I guess to a person that doesn’t know how to read he would seem like a “ball-hog”. Hes truely one of the best players in the world. FORCA BARCA

  • http://www.puremeat.org meat42

    AWESOME!!!! How refreshing to see a soccer player actually playing thru contact instead of flopping around on the ground in utter agony because someone coughed on him. The rest of the soccer world should take note and immulate.

    • anti 'US ignorance'

      like lebron james? or basketball players in general? dives are an attempt to fool the ref, when caught they are reprimanded. Dives level out the many fouls missed by the ONE official on the field…

  • Sinners

    It's called FOOTBALL, not soccer. Dufus.

    • Yo Yo Ma

      In the USA it's soccer. Deal with it.

      • NickerS

        Soccer is a British-coined term.

  • Eli

    Those who say that all soccer players do is dive, don't actually really watch soccer. I also assume most are American. If you actually watched it you would know that America is one of the countries that takes the least dives in the sport. Granted you have those players out there that take a blatant dive here and there and its a shame that that's what a lot of sports networks choose to cover in the US when it is they choose to cover it. To say that "I can't watch it because all they do is dive." is a cheap cop out and is only a small fraction of a game much bigger than that. It's like me saying "I can't watch American Football because all the quarterback does is take a knee to run out the clock."

    • Dustin

      I agree Eli. We could waste our time trying to convince the non-believers, but I think I would rather them stay away anyway. Yes, diving makes you look like a bitch, but it is part of the game. Free kicks = potential goals, and isn't the lack of scoring another major bitching argument for the non-believers?

  • RoastBeef315

    Sweet Mary that music was almost as fantastic as his balance.

    • bzzzzz

      look for rodrigo y gabriela, amazing music

  • thatguy

    That's soccer for you… a 6:32 video of a guy not falling down is all they have to "impress" us with. I will stick to SEC football thanks.

    LOL ok now that I am done being a douche, that guy is seriously talented, as even someone like myself who doesn't care for soccer can see. Great vid and I have a lot of respect for someone who just goes out there and does work.

    • anti US ignorance

      yes because the chive is where you get your world news…

  • Matilda

    Viva Messi!

  • Adam

    So one out of hundreds of players has a soul…..doesn't make the game any more watchable. Eliminate draws and then we'll be talking.

    • flio

      Didn't he stamp Pepe earlier this season? Not that I blame him.

    • Paulie

      Seems the rest of the world are happy enough with the rules of football. Would it be more watchable if it cut to an ad break every 30 seconds or it had a 50 year old singer embarass herself at half time? Or maybe like baseball have the game go on for hours upon, hours. Yawwwwn

    • Dustin

      but you just watched it? and seems by the way you talk that you have plenty of experience watching soccer. Stop watching and go throw yourself off a bridge

    • anti 'US ignorance'

      Thousands of players actually and out of the many games in a season draws are costly, please make a point to educate yourself before attempting to have an opinion on anything adam…

      • Dustin

        well said

  • Neil

    lol I'm guessing you're a of American Football – the one sport where the Final winners are named 'World Champions'. Idiot.

  • flio

    You can't fix what isn't broken. How many rule changes has american football gone through over the last few years?

    • truth

      It is nice to finally see a video that doesn't make euro football look like a bunch of flopping nancy's. To answer your question about rule changes to American football, many of the changes have been made for safety reasons. I don't know how those changes can be viewed as a bad thing either.

      As for "can't fix what isn't broken.", I'm not sure that is very true of euro football. There definately needs to be a stiffer penalty for the over-dramatics of some footballers and their coaches. They are dragging the sport down and should definately be made an example of for their childish behavior.

  • scharfy


  • xzapato

    living legend.

  • SeanzyMcHyde

    This guy is the Ninja of soccer

  • Oscar

    Leo Messi is the best player of the world. El millor jugador del món. El mejor jugador del mundo.
    Força Barça!

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