• Mattymac25

    If soccer was played like this i would actually watch it.

  • Ray T

    Is it just me or was that a waste of my flipping time?!

  • Hunter_BZ

    I have to say the mostly positive comments make me know I am in the company of Great People instead of just calling Football names. I am at home here!

  • Brucewayne

    and this is the 2nd song.

  • flio

    I think it funny that people actively dislike this sport. I'm not really into hockey or the NFL or tons of other sports but I don't make it a point to comment on their perceived sexual preference or manliness at every opportunity. Does the sport itself make you question your sexuality? My base knowledge of psychology says that it does.

  • Mother

    Who gives a shit or a fuck about soccer? Grade school girls play that game. Haven’t watched a second of it since grade school.

    • dumbfounded

      well, outside the united states I'd say…well you know, the rest of the FUCKING world! mother, I think youre an idiot. Chive on from CANADA

  • caleb

    messi may be on his feet but the whole team dives like a team of seals

  • Barca

    a great teammate who plays with unrivaled character. These kinds of athletes are becoming herder to find.

  • scotology

    He. Is. A. Machine. If you'd rather watch a video of someone scoring a bunch of goals, YouTube search: Lionel Messi

  • beermeat

    Lionel Messi is an INCREDIBLE footballer… I've watched this sport for a LONG long time in the European market (not the same in the MLS) but I still have to say, Lionel Messi is still guilty of diving at times too. Granted he isnt the showboat start that a lot of those "phonies" are, but he still does dive blatently at times. However you will rarely see it… I will concede that point no problem.

  • CWP

    Pure genius.

  • SeñorSassypants


  • Chris

    Make him an honorary 'Merikin football player.

  • Matt

    I'm a lifelong soccer player and i've always considered it shameful to take a dive. I have a lot of respect for Messi and I hope more players follow his lead.

  • The J

    Man, only 6 and a half minutes of more exciting than usual soccer and I still could only get 40 seconds in.

  • bada bing

    They call them world champions, because no other team in the world would be able to beat them.

    • Shawn

      like just for the name

    • Greg

      LOL. think about baseball…we call them world champions and there are dozens of teams that could whoop our asses if they were included. japan, cuba, korea, venesuala, the list goes on and on. blind american pride.

      • Aeternus

        You forget the tiny Netherlands who are the reigning world champion who beat Cuba in the WC final.
        Yes, I am Dutch.

  • Geoff

    4:23 – 4:28 pretty sure this is considered sexual assault in half the civilized world.

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    I don't watch or play soccer as much as I used to, but this is beast. And all those instances where he did "dive" in the vid, its because some asshole tripped the fuck out of him. Kinda hard not to dive when some dude's leg gets in your way.

    On a side note, whenever I'm in such position, I do a dive-roll and keep running with the ball. Completely throws the opponent off, since they expect me to just stay down.

  • kal

    Love this. I find it hilarious when people call soccer a girls game. Ive played soccer my whole life and in college. I weigh 225 and have a body fat percentage lower than 10%, I box recreationally, and i hold a number of weightlifting records at my university. I also have been recruited by a professional rugby team. Come on to a soccer field for ten minutes and we will see how your perception of the game changes.

  • nick

    Sorry, soccer is ubber gay

    • dumbfounded

      ubber gay? lol not sure if just trolling or you are incredibly stupid

  • panchooligan

    how stupid can you be to not like Football at all? I said football, because it plays with your foot, not the other fake football that doesn´t use foot at all…

  • http://twitter.com/JDS2041 @JDS2041

    Messi is awesome. But dont say world soccer. Diving is 90% in the spanish primera or La Liga the league Messi plays in, and if you are going to Encompass the world its "World Football" and for America its "American Soccer" . Thats because only Americans call it Soccer.

    • NickerS

      Only after the British created the word "soccer."

  • Davy

    This is how the game should be played. I can't stand watching soccer because of all the people diving as soon as they're touched, but if it was played like this and everyone was like this guy it would be a lot better!

  • kristof

    Still not as good as Pele or Best

  • Master_Rahl

    He gets the Oscar for NOT flopping. Good for him.

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