• T-$

    Nice to see someone has heart. Good for him!!!

  • Jaden

    Love Messi, not because he's one the best football players of our time, but because he's a real athlete, in a sport that is completely overrun by pussies. This makes him THE best, in my opinion.

  • milmatic

    Haters goi'n a hate So do your thing Mess.. They can't hold you….They can barely contain you..

  • Brad F

    I know it's the worlds most watched sport. But, why can't they get better video equipment at these games? Looks like someone is constantly filming UFOs or something. Shaky and blurry.

  • Antoine

    No, I'm pretty sure that's the other way around.

  • Tim

    Yea well Valencia is also a terrible one footed player.

  • FullBlownStoned

    And let the drama begin… The Internet is dying for yet another American VS European football thread. The other 100 million aren't enough. Awesome video by the way.

  • Yoko

    Lionel Messi in: Drunken Master.

  • Jim

    Great footballer?

    Great sportsmanship?

    Great feet?

    ….yes, yes and yes. Sadly he is a drugs cheat and the whole planet chooses to ignore this fact. He’s short, he’s real short but when he was 14, Barcelona paid €30,000 to have growth hormones injected into him. He now has a supernatural low centre of gravity permissing him to scurry past people like they’re not there. He’s also fantastic anyway so this is blindly overlooked. Unfortunately in terms of raw talent, there’s no better footballer than Cristiano Ronaldo and there’s no-one better than the Brazilian Ronaldo before him.

    I have no extra respect for him because he doesn’t dive! That’s crazy. That’s like saying I really respect my dad but I respect him even more because he’s not a paedofile.

    Unfortunately aswell this video does inadvertently reflect well on Barcelona and they are terribly poor sportsman.

  • Randazzle

    That dwarf is filthy good

  • Jojo

    What’s the name of the first song anyone know??

  • sressi

    You ment In the club full of phonies

  • Bill G

    Damn, they hardly score even in the highlight reels! Messi is pretty damn good though.

    • Da Sandman

      read the description, moron: This video isn’t about a bunch of amazing kicks and goals. It’s about staying on your feet when the rest of the soccer world tries to get a penalty called instead.

  • Jackie J

    He still dives just like the rest of soccer 😦

  • CPJ

    Just part of the reason why he is the best player in the world. I wish more players(not only in La Liga, but in Serie A, Premier and all the others) would respect the game as much as Messi and not flop. At least the people on his team (Barca) need to stop… that means you Alexis!

  • Amaze

    this is why messi is one of the best players. proud to be an Argentinian

  • Tom

    how has he not blown apart his ACL and MCL?

  • millipede

    Awesome video. More Messi greatness here: http://youtu.be/KZnUr8lcqjo

  • Steven B

    Not a fan of soccer, but respect here. Wish there were more players like this in all of sports. Give this man a medal!!

  • rafanderson218

    respect to messi!! but his team is full of cheaters and cry babies..

  • Chris

    Still dives u clowns!

  • qqq

    Soccer refs must suck. Ik NFl refs get a lot of heat but jesus they're just grabbing him.

  • Logan O.

    so much more fun to see him dribble through people to score instead of someone diving and scoring from a pk

  • passwordistaco

    Grew up playing soccer right here in America and love the sport, that being said I can't watch it on a professional level. Until now. This guy I'll watch because he reminds me of how we played when I was a kid.

    (Women's soccer is great though! They haven't gone complete pussy yet)

  • Shrimpdub

    I love how frantic everyone looks when they're trying to cover him.

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