• Alan

    If more in that sport had integrity like him, I would actually watch soccer(football). The amount of ridiculous dives are very annoying.

  • Larry

    Just another reason why he's truly the greatest. CR7 can't touch him.

  • ballhog

    for how awesome he is does anyone else think that he is kind of a ball hog?

  • josh

    wwhats the first song from? its a mivie soundtrack.

    • Sea

      #1 is Devotchka from little miss sunshine called you already know. #2 is rodrigo y Gabriel think the song is called diablo rojo. Great vid great songs

  • Blaah

    Its great to see that not everyone who plays soccer is a no ball pOssy loser

  • Eric

    That's why he scored FOUR goals in his game last week! Guy is a savage.

  • Chris

    Definately not a Barcelona fan( home of the floppers) but Messi is without a doubt one of the greatest in the game. He may dive here and there but he always makes it an effort to keep chasing the play. Always a pleasure to watch him perform his craft

  • Da Sandman

    Lionel Messi.. THE greatest player ever.. this guys shows you american haters how this sport is really played… you only see the phonies in the highest leagues.. in lower leagues, people don't do that kind of shit, they play the game and fight till they drop

  • Rainmaker2112

    Messi, while he might be accused of hogging the ball, is clearly the great futbol player in the world. Amazing goals while getting crushed by the opponents. The funniest part of the video is when the players are trying to foul him and he still goes around them and makes them look foolish! +100 TheChive

  • Guest

    Weird little mutant.

  • hey bra

    it football, not 'soccer'. if you know so much about it fuck you

    • _maxPain_

      nahhhh it's soccer bra,,,as in third world countries favorite sport

  • nwp
  • drz

    this actually makes me like soccer

  • D3VIOU5

    If this was a video of a Brazilian player, we’d all be sitting through six and a half minutes of dives. Argentina para siempre ❤

  • SilkySapper

    This video is such bullshit, selective snippets of him playing. Messi dives a lot. not as much as CR7, but still dives a lot more than most players

  • Catnip and grass

    Where is a Chive shirt with the little magician from Argentina?

    • SilkySapper

      the dumpster, where it belongs

  • Daro

    he is an example of life, with his growing disease look at him now, the greatest football player ever

  • bblogan

    this is the most soccer ive watched in years! 6 min. If everyone played like this (the not diving part) i think id actually be a soccer fan!

  • mike c.

    the little genius! and well scored…

  • muffin

    you know there's a problem with a sport if someone is celebrated for not diving.

    • SilkySapper

      problem is, he does dive a lot though, this was just selective editing.

  • Anonymous

    whoa… when the music changes that’s a Canadian guy his name is Adrian Rasso. They’re pretty cool live

  • P misled cker

    Still a boring sport.

  • lexie

    visca barca

  • joey

    Yeah..messi is the best soccer player.
    Barca # 1

  • mns

    1 man playing the game right. Unfortunately, the 99%ers ruin the game.

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