• Adam

    This should be an international soccer training video.

  • B

    The “messiah”

  • dani

    America/americans will never appreciate football. Its too complex, too skillful and too beautiful. Yet they enjoy idiotic sports like nascar, 'football' and baseball….

  • name not important

    Dear Sir, Everybody likes you.

  • alcat

    Whats that TUNE!?!?

    • AJ

      The first song is by Devotchka from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack and the 2nd song is by rodrigo y gabriellla, forget the name of both. Hope this helps.

  • kmill

    Messi is one of a few that play the game as its meant to be played. Most of those guys that “fall for the call” are caught up in the politics of the game. Im 23 years old, and played recreational futbol for 18 years on the same league. Never once did i fall for a penalty kick, or give up if someone got the best of me. This sport is one that will live on forever, its an international language. Thanks for the video chive, it reminded me of better days 🙂

  • Richard

    Messi is without a doubt the greatest player in the world right now… But I have never seen him score a goal like this one… This maybe the greatest goal I have ever witnessed

  • Ez

    Finally a quality football player I could watch! Make a league with some decent standards and less wimps and Americans may watch

  • iRest

    First song :

    The Winner Is
    Little Miss Sunshine [Original Soundtrack]


  • zaTranceMasta

    Dont dive and chive on 😉

  • angelofcrackers

    You a WIZARD Messi. He is a poet with the ball…

  • lindy919


  • Jezz

    good to see one of them still plays like a man

  • ajjjjj

    Think again.

  • Sweets

    Messi is legit…..not my favorite, but worthy of respect as the greatest all around player in the world and definitely not a diver….I hate players on my own team who dive when they could continue the play and make something of it (Luis Suarez)

  • Anonymous

    Almost all are in open play around the middle of the field a dead ball would be of no advantage. Not too mention he’s not exactly a clinical penalty taker.

  • YowYow

    give me a break ive seen messi dive before. here are proof

    a lot more, how bout u do your homework chive.

  • Z_Bone_Capone

    If society was half as good at what they did compared to Messi, we'd all be superstars.

  • needitwantit

    Messi does dive, and he is pretty bad at it.
    Not as blatant as Cristiano Ronaldo at Utd though.

  • Rob

    never really had an interest for soccer until now. nothing against the sport, just never really have the chance to watch it. once again, theChive has saved my life. soccer is actually pretty interesting.

  • Brian

    Messi is like school on a monday morning, all class

  • DWSmith

    The first song is How it Ends by Devotchka. The album version is far better.
    Great video though, but I got the just after about 30 secs. 6 and a half minutes is a little bit excessive.

  • kilo

    I dont even play soccer, but have a newfound respect for it. Inspiring as fcuk.

  • ckretmsage

    If all football players played like this I would actually watch it.

    Pure Class. He plays football like a hockey player.

  • SpaceCowboy_

    That guy just became my favorite soccer player, and I don't even watch the sport.

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