this is why barca is and still reigns in the football/futbol/soccer world, they have REAL athletes. Only people that have been actually outside of their rooms and dungeons that know what it is to stay running at a fast speed, dribbling the ball, while two opposing players kick you in the chin, kick you in the knees, and pull your jersey. This is inspiration not only to the players and fans, but to the athletic and competitive world. RECOGNIZE!

  • dumbfounded

    what exactly is so exciting about 600 pound men running at each other for 10 seconds and then taking a 30 second break?

  • pacman57

    why do you call it football (american) ,when they don't play with their foot ???

  • Cam

    He makes a fool of all of them

  • http://www.spiegeloffline.de/2012/02/28/lionel-messi-bleibt-stehen-die-keine-schwalbe-compilation-eines-ausnahmespielers/ Lionel Messi bleibt stehen – Die keine Schwalbe Compilation eines Ausnahmespielers | Spiegel Offline

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  • http://youtube.com/LToTheEGION Jordan

    The song is called "How it Ends" by DevotchKa. If you recall the Gears of War 2 trailer from a few years ago it's the only reason I know the band. Chive On!

  • Jon tizzle

    whats the song in the beginning

  • http://togtfo.com Don

    It's Sad that he is becoming known for playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

  • JHN

    Messi is the best player ever so i'm not hating but it helps that he has 10 of the best cheats in the sport on his team. WATCH AND YOU"LL REALISE

  • Jimbo

    kool story bro…you found the 6 and a half minutes of Messi's life where he was not diving and made a video. Leo Messi is just as guilty of diving as any other player in the game.

  • Ivan

    Don't condemn the football world. What do you know of football? Yanky…

  • Hockeytown

    You need to post a video of Pavel Datsyuk. I respect soccer, but watching Syuk dangle around defenders and escaping checks from along the boards, I have to say it is a bit more impressive than jumping over legs.

  • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo

    I highly disagree with the title of this video. 95% of players don't dive so go suck a bag of dicks.

    WORLD GAME = awesome
    All other sports are inferior and should bow down to suck on the penis of football (not soccer)

  • toresen

    doesn't dive, scores goals with hand. seems legit?

  • Jorge


  • Malala

    He is the Best!! I'm never gonna be tired to see him play!! Visca Barca

  • Jorge


  • Joe Black

    I'm not a Barca fan, but I have to say i love watching Messi play. Being an Argentina fan, I am mesmerized every time he plays, even when he is below par. Unlike the bitchy moaning Cristina Ronaldo, LEO Messi is a true lion and a joy to watch. Amunt Messi!

  • Bendick

    What is this? A post about some South American sport? Never heard of it.

  • Nilocor

    You know what? If everyone played like this guy, I bet a lot more Americans WOULD watch soccer!

  • basik

    he dived against chelsea!

    gets tackled looks up the roles around like he just got shot!

  • Mike

    Messi keeps calm and carries on !

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    […] Nicht mehr lang! Bis dahin kann man sich das hier pausenlos anstarren und wenn ich noch einen Wunsch sportlicher Seits für die EM aussprechen dürfte, dann wäre es wohl, sich ein Beispiel an Lionel Messi zu nehmen. Nicht wegen seiner überragenden spielerischen Fähigkeiten, sondern wegen der Tatsache, sich nicht bei jeder Kleinigkeit fallen zu lassen. […]

  • Luke

    the only thing going through messi's mind is "WHOOOOAAA GET THE FUCK OFF ME PUSSY!"

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