Lost your Oscar pool? Take some FLBP as consolation (35 Photos)

  • Chunk Pants

    #10 is smoking hot and makes up for that dude in #9

    • No azn girls

      If she had real eyebrows i would nail this girl before any asian chick on the planet, except michelle yeoh

    • http://twitter.com/DanielEvans24 @DanielEvans24

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Matt

      New rule, Chive: if any part of her body is actually DRAWN ON, she's not Chiveworthy.

      • pannychous

        …unless she's drawing "KCCO."

  • etcrr

    They're all hot but #19 I like the smile even though it took me a few minutes to see

    • stumeister

      Still missed until your post! Her Body is banging

      • eric cartman

        #5 #14

        Anyone know who? Holy atomic pile, Batman!

        • JHL1

          #14 francoise boufhal

    • Ryan Laiche

      you know how i do diss…

    • 2pumpdump

      A definite must find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve

        Its Svetlana from Real World

  • aaron

    #24 #26 – i want….

    • Nick

      #26 Google : "unox meisje Luca "

      • aaron

        why thank you, good sir….amazing!

    • Tyler

      dont we all?

    • 2pumpdump

      Can we throw #19 in there too?

  • Rollout25

    #10 #13 We need to FIND MOAR!!

    • Pedro

      Who is 13?

      • Anonymous

        Francoise Boufhal

  • scoopit

    Please find #18 the April O'Neil lookalike.

    • dasdasdsa

      isn't that April O'neil, the porn star?

      • stumeister

        More like April from ninja Turtles lookalike

        • lateniter

          Pornstar ISIS

      • NickSA795

        Yip that is her, April O'Neil the porn star

    • Andy Valentine

      I believe that this is the tumblr of the girl who did that outfit. Hard to tell from some of her other pictures, but I'm pretty sure it's her http://www.heyitsapril.com/post/7898274776/april-

      • Andy Valentine

        And yes, she's a porn star

    • DemBone

      Porn Star. Stage name is April O'Neil
      Here is her website… NSFW!

    • http://twitter.com/DanielEvans24 @DanielEvans24

      Her teeth are too straight to be April O'Neil.

    • Cad

      April O'Neil looks better when she has a cock in her mouth.

    • saltytrey

      Holy Shit! Is that the TARDIS?

      • UudSigma

        It IS!! Maybe the doctor is looking for a new companion in april

  • Jimmy the Saint

    #9 Kill it with fire!

    • Dan

      Do big boobs make up for a nasty face?

      • sit ubu sit good dog

        How about drawn on eye brows..

    • Mike Hawk

      No offense but I dont think shes making a duckface, if thats the reason you wanted to singe her with molten lava

      • Ouch

        Nope, not a duckface. She just has a horseface

    • Guest

      she looks like she is getting ready to spit out a mouth full of…something.

      • Simon

        You said something bad about a black woman, stuf is going to get mad at you!

  • Anonymous

    #2 and #29, Moar

  • The Bandit

    #9…usuallay I can't stop staring at boobies…but here somehow the eyebrows got my attention
    #1 #4 #30….oh yeah!

    • BBB

      #4 is Miri Hanai

    • Guest

      plus #9 has a horsey face.

  • Dave

    "Being an ugly woman is like being a man, you're going to have to work."

    That being said wonder if these women have had to work for much?

    • http://twitter.com/DanielEvans24 @DanielEvans24

      Daniel Tosh

      • Daniel Tosh

        Thank You for quoting me. Now let me get back to having sex with #17
        High Fashion

  • Dave

    "Being an ugly woman is like being a man, you're going to have to work."

    That being said I wonder if these women have had to work for much?

    • YUP

      Thank you, Daniel Tosh.
      Now back to the drawing board, Dave.

  • ash

    #30, i like

    • Wet_tosti

      Duch girl Joyce Noor

    • RicH

      Who is this? Seen it before…MOAR

    • 1iJack
    • Steve777

      I'm in Love………….. MOAR Please!

    • patov40

      I realize it's been five days but just had to say, "YEAH TERPS!!"

  • gunner

    O_O ….. mmmmhmmm……..just……..wow… O_O

  • Tang

    #3 I have seen before but can't remember who it is.
    #33 just because she is amazing

    • Billyb1554

      #33 is a dude buddy

      • moron

        #33 is Sofia Vergara, you troll

    • Billyb1554

      Google Bailey Jay for #33

    • patov40

      Man, #3 can double as a hump pic too. LIKE!

  • Dan

    #20 can't stop staring…

    • Eric

      Svetlana Shusterman?

      • just_some_guy

        I do believe it is.

    • theyellowfever

      Svetlana of The Real World pseudo-fame. I know this because I watched that season. I watched that season because of ^^those.

  • http://www.thenudity.com Nudity


    Owww.. I love this pic!

    • BBB

      Miri Hanai

  • AmBush_Steve

    Suddenly I have a new outlook on Mondays.

    I’ll let this classic movie scene describe how I feel about #19

    <img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xzRpJPOix8c/TcDHVg_K_pI/AAAAAAAADZg/wLi0ab3oiTQ/s320/NG+2A.jpg&quot; alt="Nice beaver"/>

    • Calm

      Nice beaver.

      Thanks, I just had it stuffed.

  • Soren

    #30 For all that is good in this world, FIND!

    • Wet_tosti

      dutch girl Joyce Noor

  • Alex

    #31 is Jennifer Lynn from a Playboy spread.

    • Josh

      Her real name is Jennifer Benade. I went to high school with her.

    • Leo

      Clare Richards an Elite TV Model from the UK.

  • Guest

    After #11, #20, and #30, I'm good til next week.

  • Timo

    #26 is the dutch Unox girl of three years ago. Her name is Luca Prins

  • Swarley

    #11 #15 #24 #31

    • Trust Me

      #15 is hot on an EPIC level!!!

      • @bdaley84

        Yes! Who the hell is she? Does anyone know??

        • Chunk Pants

          iga wyrwal

  • Rollout25

    #2 My Jaw dropped when I saw this

    • http://anfieldfc.tk alan

      I know. Those glasses are ridiculous.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      They told me I could be anything I wanted

      So I became a hot tennis ball

    • jobrones

      I would swim up the Amazon with 100 pound dumbbells tied to my scrotum and Oprah Winfrey's queef as my air supply if it meant I could eat a sea food dinner with her over skype on a dial up internet connection.

      • jobrones

        I am insanely pathetic and though I may have a y chromosome, my 2 x chromosomes more than make up for any masculine tendencies I may have acquired over the course of my life. Also I eat wieners with enthusiasm

    • Welcome
      • Marko

        Isn't this Love Gisele?

      • Pedro

        Fake tits. No thanks

    • Frenchness

      Agreed, I want

  • stumeister

    #1 Arianny Celeste right?

  • anders

    #34 has got a 20 year old son, kudos

    • JerryLinGiant

      google why you u no have nekked pics of her?

      • Anonymous

        Eve Wyrwal, Google has tons of nekked pics of her

    • psully23

      That kid has to hate having a smokeshow for a mom.

    • TXJeeper

      something tells me that his buddies always wanted to come over to his house

    • JDB85

      Very hot.

    • PeZ

      sofia vergara btw..

      • Anonymous

        Wrong. Eve Wyrwal

    • Guest

      Her 20 year old son still has stretch marks on his face.

    • MattKL


    • FelixMisfit138

      You dumbass! How can she have a twenty year old son,when she was born on Feb.20,1989?

  • Rebecca

    #5 still has that plastic shine to them.. yuck

    • mike

      I think thats CJ Miles, not sure though.

    • Jimbo

      Everything about her is just perfect.

    • Chunk Pants

      Well put..
      FLBP = Forced Lower Back Problems

    • zgl

      not cj miles.

    • Donkey_Punch

      Plastic or not … a little K-Y will make them just as slick !!

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