Mind the gap Monday (30 photos)

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  • Chuz

    #35 & #39 are the best

  • BigTex_Country

    #15…My God girl your gorgeous!

  • coolaid

    #25 every breath I take..

  • bruins

    Mondays are my favorite

  • Shawn

    #3 Oh crap, would I like to lap at that gap!

  • Joseph

    I need to know #30! Haha

  • athenseroc

    I will get the #20 girls to be chivettes IF you get some more KCCO shirts in and i actually get my order through. Here is an idea (for all my fellow windstream users out there) F U WINDSTREAM!!!

  • jeepjoe

    #21 so that's how you get tan down there.

  • Jemike5

    #1 definitely number 1…. Fearless

    Lot's of boots in the background must be an Oregon Native

    • gap guru

      #1 and you missed the gap! But thanks for keeping this site alife. So we all can enjoy mondays.

  • clean

    #4 find her

  • cowboygeek

    please tell us you know who she is? i think she's by far the most stunningly attractive woman ever featured on the Chive……… please Dear Lords of The Chive make finding this one your top priority. pleaaaaaaase?!

  • beeneverywhere

    The best examples of an actual gap are #7 and #31. The winner of best pudendum is #11!

  • Sqott


  • duwescrewm

    #35 That is all.

  • http://www.impresiv.com.au Impresiv

    #7 greetings from Perth, WA to you too! Nice bum!

  • bones

    #39 holy shit!

  • Big JR

    Makes me hungry to eat at the Y

  • Sticky Wickets

    #10 #12 #32 are incredible

  • Anonymous

    I luv that tea pic just need some choclate cream mix

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    Long live the heart shaped Gap !!

  • spanky338

    Chive! I love you! Keep calm chive on!

  • chicago

    #3,#8,#13, & #18 white means dinner is clean and ready to serve… btw – Last.

  • Lyndoag

    #3 winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Mr W

    #39 wow!!! What a gap, with a surprise!!!!!

  • Mojo420jojo

    I swear I know 17, she looks just like my ex…. I miss her.

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