Sacha Baron Cohen’s red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars didn’t end well (Video)

Sacha Baron Cohen showed up to the Oscars despite a previous ban from the MPAA. Dressed as his character from his new film The Great Dictator, he ‘accidentally’ dumps the ashes of his good friend Kim Jong Il on red carpet host Ryan Seacrest.

Check out his response to his MPAA ban here.

  • Peter

    Sacha Baron Blowen…

    • r@f

      Sacha is actually aiming for you to not like it. Bad publicity for him is still publicity.

  • etcrr


  • Wet_tosti

    I was only looking at the two babes besides him.

    • Daniel Tosh

      Find them

    • Unu


  • Scotsman

    Well, that was curious.

  • Lars


  • Lang

    Seacrest deserved that

    • Hunter X

      Maybe at the comedy awards. Not at the Oscars. Seacrest's tux probably cost more than Cohen made last year.

      • Dr. Fapenstein

        Get off Seacrest's nuts

        • Talywacker

          Ha he defiantly deserved that who gives a shit about his tux aha!!!

    • mouchette

      Took every ounce of Seacrest's nerve to not blow up and pout.

  • Dan

    Cohen isn't even mildly funny. I would have laughed if Seacrest had decked him.

    • dan u gay?

      someone is gay for seacrest

    • Dr. Fapenstein

      I bet Cohen would have thought it was funny if Seacrest "decked" him

    • Mike

      You forget Seacrest is a total pussy.

  • Paula_

    <img src=""&gt;
    – the one you love to hate

    • gunner

      or just love….

      • wisemx

        Yeah Baby, Love, Love…Life's too short for hate. 🙂

    • BBB

      Didn`t see You around lately… 🙂

      • Paula_

        I'm always here, lurking in the background ATM. You will never feel safe.

        – Fan testimonial: "Now I hate Paula as much as the next guy, but you gotta admit … this one was funny."

        • hehehe

          "background ATM (ass to mouth)"?


      "Meh" indeed. SBC new movie is made by MTV Films, a Viacom company….E, that hosted the interview, is also a Viacom company…..The fact that Ryan Seacrest mentioned SBC (also the movie's title) and the ashes incident every single time he was on camera after that pretty much seals the cross promotion deal.

    • Wakka Wakka

      Paula just get naked already shit (or your just a 50 yr old man )

      • Ram


  • wokka

    Ryan should have cocked this guy.

    • Jamforever

      Ryan has cock blocked!

      • wokka


  • James

    Cohen is a legend! How can you not find his characters genius? Get a sense of humour!!!!

    • Hunter X

      yea. self-indulgent comedy is sooo genius. and original. I suppose you think Will Ferrell comedy is for the 'thinking man', huh?

      • sean

        you should be called cunter x. ur a pretentious fkn hipster, dissing someone coz they like a certain comedy style. Its not self indulgent either- its satirical, which is what made shows like the simpsons so great till they dumbed it down.

        • Dr. Fapenstein

          Very well put.

      • Elan

        Hey, Will Ferrel's comedy might be in the shitter for the last few years, but he's still far and away better than Cohen could ever be.

    • AKBAR

      Agree James. people really show their ignorance by defending a POS like Ryan Seacrest getting his tux dirty. pathetic people with their heads so far up celebrities ass in this country… good for SBC!

    • Dapper_Dave

      I agree he's not for everyone, but he's definitely for me.

    • macrda13

      Real classy humor……

  • cld

    Find them

  • JustinFL

    SBC continues to prove how much of a tool he is.

    • iambigd42

      I have to agree with you Justin, this stunt at the Oscars just wasn't funny at all. Don't get me wrong his movies are funny. Hell Ali-G was funny as hell but this wasn't funny. I can't stand Seacrest but there was nothing funny about this classless publicity stunt.

      • mouchette

        lol, classless? It's the Oscars not a funeral.

  • red_dawn19

    epic troll is epic

  • English_Rob

    That wasn't very funny, but still the only good part of the oscars.

  • Mattchew

    Seacrest had to go through the rest of the day covered in ash, how is that not hilarious? Cohens new character looks lame, but that shit was great.

  • JDD


  • Matty

    I do what i want!! that shit was funny haha

  • C

    It’s publicity for his movie!

  • Bill

    Cohen is the ultimate douchebag

    • Dr. Fapenstein

      But in a good way.

  • DavidB

    Hahaha awesome. The biggest balls in show business.

    • Chiefs420


  • wokka

    anybody that think sash is funny needs brain transplant

    • Evan

      Looks like you've already donated yours…

  • canadianrods

    Cohen is such an untalented ass.

  • Pants

    The dictator ain't no Borat.

    • Nay

      Of course not, most people didn't see Borat coming but now that the cat's out of the bag his movies are giving increasingly diminishing returns

  • freesubscriptions

    I remain hopeful that it will be a three minute blurp in a movie that i will watch for free.

  • theyellowfever

    That's what he gets for questioning his socks.

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