Sacha Baron Cohen’s red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars didn’t end well (Video)

Sacha Baron Cohen showed up to the Oscars despite a previous ban from the MPAA. Dressed as his character from his new film The Great Dictator, he ‘accidentally’ dumps the ashes of his good friend Kim Jong Il on red carpet host Ryan Seacrest.

Check out his response to his MPAA ban here.

  • John J

    Ever since I regretfully saw Bruno, I will never watch one of SBC movies ever again. He is a "shock jock" in a sense. It's basically Jackass but with one guy. He spends his entire movies pissing people off and then filming their reaction. I can watch that on Youtube every morning for free.

  • just4fun

    I would totally nail the left one

  • JTG

    Dude he took that like a boss. He anyone else would have flipped.

  • Rondo

    Kim Jong Spill


    Anyone else notice that Cohen is wearing actual U.S. military medals? Not okay.

    • pres obama

      I think those are actually called ribbons, but yes, you're correct…."not okay".

  • Tommy

    I just don’t find SBC funny – He’s a try-hard….all that silty shit to set up that one gag. Too much. Just lame. 100% fail…..

  • Andre

    This is amazing, the balls it took to ruin sescrest’s night. I love it

  • http://Meh Meh

    SBC is a funny bastard, and he nails Isla Fisher. Double win.

  • macrda13

    What a dick move by a guy that has 0 talent left to show the world……..I like Ryan more after the classy way he handled this punk move……Why was SBC even invited?

  • ricdon

    No talent hack has to try to be highlight (lowlight) of the night. Nice move jerk

  • KayMan

    looks like everything went perfectly to me

  • coop

    What an arse hole….

  • JJJJ

    In: Celebrity, Funny, Movies, Nailed It, Owned, Video
    Well, you got the Celebrity (Ryan) and Video right. Movies ONLY b/c of the Oscars. I wouldn't call it Funny. Not even close to Nailed it – more like Failed it. Owned? That's laughable in itself! I guess that would be the Funny part.

  • intraweb

    Gotta give credit where do that shit was funny

  • Terry Tibbs

    The fact that most of you cannot grasp his humour runs in tandem with SBCs ability to make multiple films consisting entirely of ripping the absolute piss into the denizens of America. U IZ DUMB BRUV

    • fact

      All you need to grasp Cohen's humour is a pulse and a knack for mouth-breathing.

  • Fun an laughs

    you yanks need sense of humor

  • Sean McCallister

    I think we can all agree, that man is fearless.

  • Rafa

    JAjajajajajajajaja excellent… Cohen is a genius

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  • Chiefs420

    If you think this guys funny then fuck you

  • tyra

    That was hilarious! Seacreast is a p*ssy!

  • defaultuser

    Do you guys remember Tom Green? Me neither…

    • tyra

      No I didn't, until you did and reminded me…thanks!

  • worm.molester

    FIND THEM!!!!!

  • Force Kin

    Sacha is a star doing what he does best . Also he was never banned from going there dressed like that do some research. Aaiiiii!

  • Anonymous

    “who are you wearing?”

    “Kim Jong Il”

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