Sacha Baron Cohen’s red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars didn’t end well (Video)

Sacha Baron Cohen showed up to the Oscars despite a previous ban from the MPAA. Dressed as his character from his new film The Great Dictator, he ‘accidentally’ dumps the ashes of his good friend Kim Jong Il on red carpet host Ryan Seacrest.

Check out his response to his MPAA ban here.

  • @GloryHoleGirl1

    Ryan was awesome during that, he kept his cool thru the whole thing. I actually have a little respect for him now 🙂

    • OG

      Ryan is still Gay

  • @Gingergreek

    Sacha Cohen – Fucking with people since 1999 and it never stops being funny!!

  • dude

    i think the one on the left is Sona Skoncova a model

  • Kev

    If these people didn't have such a giant stick up all their asses this wouldn't be nearly as funny.

  • samuray4k


  • Furiusfister

    “im wearing kim jong il” epic


    He should have shoved up Seacrest's ass that pussy.

  • Peeeeet

    Black haired girl is Sona Skoncova of Slovakia. Enjoy 🙂

  • Scotty

    Now that was hilarious.

  • Mike

    the blonde model is way hotter! who is she ???

  • Jeff

    The military babes made it all worth it…

  • Venepally

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