Signs full of WTF (30 Photos)

  • Woodrowrules

    #30 Find her

  • Readybeeill

    #15 Thats in Toronto. Dundas and Jarvis area. One Block East.

    • @trustnoone73


    • Alex

      It's in that Our Lady Peace video too!

  • Stick

    Why is this weird?

    • JJJJ

      I didn't understand why it was strange either. Someone must not watch the news…

      • AAAA

        a lot of schools do this for underprivileged girls including the one i went to. Would've snapped a pic if i though it was special.

        • Alpha0010

          I think they are making a play on the possible double-meaning of that phrase

  • Zac

    #5 HOLY SHIT that’s expensive milk

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    I liked the one with the funny sign.

  • niall198

    # 9
    Local post office, beside a closed down pub in Recess, Co Galway in Ireland, only here can you buy everything in a pub

    • john

      i had a feeling it was somewhere around the west. has the look of a place held together with cavity blocks and bailing twine

  • Max


    Man, how many nights have I spent filling my drunk munchies with btb…

  • Felcher

    I’ve ate at #31 and it is a shithole.

  • nfloridarednek

    #32 Dickfart?

  • Ludeman95

    #19 is in western Md. I’m surprised Intercourse, Pa isn’t on here.

    • mark

      This is where I live!

  • E Dollar

    #31 I drive by that place all the time and I laugh every time.

  • derp

    #8 the last lap in Addison NY.. I've been there and its awesome if you are looking for a good laugh. The last time we went to that upstanding establishment there were only 2 strippers left (at 10:30pm). One of the strippers was quite old and had an ace bandage wrapped around her knee (it helped distract from the stretch marks), and the other stripper who was almost cute pulled a groin muscle doing one of her "moves" about 10 minutes after we got there so she was also limping around trying to dance. It was special to say the least.

    • quique0238

      I am glad someone else knows where this is and knows how…special…it is

      • AWall

        Yes! The last lap made the Chive! This is so awesome

  • Skieur

    #24 Worst burritos in Ann Arbor.

    • Alpha0010

      I knew I'd seen that sign somewhere!

  • Andrew

    Number #8 is down the road from my house in Addison new York. The reason it’s called the last lap is because it’s a few miles down the road from the dirt race track which is the biggest attraction in the area !

  • Fatboy


    Cooter's Place and the Willie Nelson museum, just outside of Nashville. Been there. It was cheesy-awesome.

  • Taco_Depot

    #30 From Maine & know exactly where that is. Good grief.

  • Alan

    #30 I live like 15 minutes from there. For the love of all that is holy FIND THIS GIRL!

  • Matt

    Ohhhhhhhh GREEEEEAT…. Stu is going to have a field day with #29.

  • awestruck

    finally! a place where I can be with my own kind

  • Anonymous


    I laughed harder than I should.

  • Tyler

    #9 Store is saying Beer>Books Eggs Marble Wool

  • quique0238

    whoever took this is my hero, I have meant to capture this gem for a while but haven't had the chance.


  • kendall

    #24 Fuck Yeah BTB!

  • socalmarti

    #9 Meawhile in Ireland?…..

  • Danny

    I saw #6 awhile back, immediately thought WTF, took a picture, and carried on. Glad to see it on here as well, stay classy San Diego Zoo.

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