• Dakota

    Drive was a bad ass movie!

    • Waste_o_time

      yah if you enjoy a movie with about 10 words spoken throughout the whole thing, and an actor who thinks he's far more badass than he is. For a movie that's supposed to be an action movie, it sure dragged far more than I ever could have imagined

      • Brent

        It's labeled as crime, drama, thriller. Not action.

      • Dakota

        i thought he redeemed himself in that movie for all the gay stuff he's done

    • ry_linch

      agreed!!! I really enjoyed the way it was filmed, and the 80's style soundtrack was awesome!!! Good to watch a movie without the over the top hollywood action… I haven't seen any of his other work but thought gosling was brilliant as that character!!

  • Flow

    Meh. Music made it feel like a eulogy to recently deceased films. Oscars are overrated anyways, there are tons of films that got awarded an Oscar and still suck.

  • What film does the music for this video originally come from?

    Leeds, UK

  • 3Dany

    Name of the song?

    • filmguy

      its from the super 8 soundtrack: "letting go" towards the end

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