So there’s this megayacht parked outside our office (10 Photos)

For the past week, a beautiful yacht has been docked outside our offices. The $300 Million Megayacht is the world's 8th largest. It's called the Serene and belongs to vodka magnate Yuri Shefler.

The 450 ft. yacht boasts an onboard helicopter, a 50-foot pool on the upper deck, multiple lounges, bars, and spas. The serene even carries a submarine built for two.

The Serene has 12 state rooms and can accommodate almost 30 overnight guests. But aside from this, not much is known. The boat's owner is extremely private and nobody has been allowed near it. A local news station in LA flew over the vessel at night and captured some photos of the beautiful deck, bathed in green luminescent light.

The Serene is rumored to be in town to host an Oscar part, and what a party I'm sure it was.

Helicopter images via KCAL 9

  • gordo54

    …Yuri–I gots a few bills you could easily eliminate for me… forever… interested? 😉

  • Tom

    Take a dingy out to that bastard and CRASH THAT PARTAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Will

    I’ve seen bigger… Bad ass!

  • ChivingSince2008

    It doesn't even have a mast. How can it be a yacht? Rich asshole can put all the choppers he wants onto it, but it will never make it as yacht.

  • @rollajoint1

    It is impossible to be that rich by selling Vodka…

  • Check the stats

    All the children of the world who died of starvation are why the owner of that yacht is going to hell. You see a yacht I see but all I see is a million starving faces that could have lived just one more day. Humanity is not worth saving.

    • Duke

      It’s not his fault that the starving children’s parents chose to get drunk on vodka and not work hard

  • Dave

    Boats n hoes.

  • PO2 Willie

    unless there is another one like it, i saw this in Marmaris Turkey last november

  • calibadger08

    How do you come to own a vodka empire? Thats my new life plan

  • ctr

    Very interesting, the guys worth about 850 million and has a 300 million boat.

  • chicago


  • Aaron

    #14 – the damn thing has a penis

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