Who knew walking a runway was so damn hard? (31 Photos)

Via Reuters


  • Casually Chivin'

    number 17 appears to be shitting out a hand

  • Jefmj

    i wish there were gifs for everyone of those pictures

  • MacNCheesePro

    #24 Did those fall out of you?

  • Adrian

    Maybe they need to start feeding them. They got no freakin energy to walk. You’re demanding too much!

  • Natalie Ann

    It's that combination of wearing ridiculous shoes and being emaciated from their most recent "diet".

  • starstruck231

    #23 #22
    No wonder they ate shit look at those shoes…

  • Gallus

    What has happened to Western society?! When I was a little kid, I was taught it was rude to laugh at or make fun of someone who tripped or fell. Now it is a big deal with photos, videos and actual news commentary. Why? I, for one, have no intention of unlearning the restraint and politeness I was taught.

  • Jala Meladuro

    all fall cuz wind knocks them down..

  • northerner

    #26, not if you look at the stupid F'ing shoes they are made to wear. Plus, as has been mentioned, they are too skinny meaning their blood sugar is probably way off so their coordination is shot to begin with. Not entirely the fault of the girls. It's the fashion world and it's warped sense of what's popular and what sells.

  • Abraxas

    There is 2 types of models, those that fall and those who are gonna fall

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  • http://www.roarsinc.com/web_design.html Static Site Design

    High heels and quick turns, Hopefully they didn't get yelled at too much backstage. Hopefully they ate something due to guilt.

  • Killian Joyner

    I definitely gave my own negative views toward runway models but, say what you will, it takes a lot for these girls to put on all that obviously, horribly uncomfortable clothing, strut down the runway in front of all those people snapping pictures and recording video for the world to see, eat it and then get back up and keep going. They deserve some degree kudos for that alone….. and on a side note, thanks to Jala for that profoundly indepth and intelligent comment… and yes, that was sarcasm you fucking retard.

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  • Two bit dick

    The result of malnourishment

  • scary69

    if most of them would eat something they might have the energy to stand up

  • Manav

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