• Rendell


    • Manny

      Makes me feel so big

  • Bong Breath

    Wow, the parade scene was mindblowing. Great backing music.

  • DC22

    how do you capture this to make it look like miniature models? so cool looking. even the 2 ships looks like toys on the water.

    • Brent

      It looks to me like the footage is sped up and the frame rate has been reduced.

    • Fern

      It’s called tilt shift. I am currently developing an app for the iPhone that lets you take tilt shift videos. You can already take tilt shiftish pics with Camera+ app using miniature filter. Instagram has a similar filter as well.

    • Mark

      It not the footage is sped up or the frame rate has been reduced, rather those are touches that give it a "claymation" effect.

      SHORT: short depth of field gives miniature model look.

      What gives it that miniature feel is the short depth of field. the shift lens allows only a portion of the landscape to be in focus. Not very many commonly used lens do that. So we have been accustomed to never seeing landscapes in a short depth of field- whether it be through our own eyes or an image captured through a lens.
      However this does not completely explain why it looks miniature. The other half of this explanation is that the things we do see with a short depth of field are things that are up close- things that are small. So we see a landscape, a wide angle view, but only a small bit is in focus making us think its something small.

      • Squiggy

        Shallow depth of field is part of the equation, but any fast lens can do that. The miniature effect is due to the design of tilt/shift lenses or perspective control. They allow you to adjust the position of the lens in reference to the sensor. Thus keeping your film plane or sensor parallel to the subject. Notice the sharp focus in only a small portion of the image. Check out Keith Lotit's "Small World Project".

        • Mark

          You explain that it is just an effect of a tilt shift/PC lens but what I was trying to explain is why that effect makes wide landscape photographs appears as if it were miniature. I apologize if my explanation is not very good.

  • joe chiver


  • Jpeezel

    It is CARNAVAL, not Carnivale.

  • Jammy

    The people are so small in that part of the world….

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