Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • joshualangel


    • William Teach

      First firster is the first loser.

      • Dick Salad

        I'm personally waiting for everyone and their mom to have a Chive shirt. That way I'll be one of the cool kids that doesn't wear it every where I go. People will be like, "Omg you're not wearing a chive shirt with the preconceived notion that it will get you laid?" The only people that don't look like dbags in chive shirts are chive employees and hot chicks. If you aren't a hot chick… please stop wearing it.

    • keeping Clam

      #50 All if forgiven!

    • Seth_Michaels

      Nice one, Josh!

  • jdubs21

    Chive, please next time just put the shirts on sale at some random time and let whatever Chivers are online at the time get them. Plus it would prevent those fucktards that sell theirs on E-Bay. A true Chiver would never try and sell their shirts.

    This was 2 hours of not keeping calm.

    • frack

      Completely agree!

      • Brotato


    • joe


    • Hero_Status

      Or just order a million of them instead of 7

      • Dingle

        ^This is the one true answer.

      • God

        yea so everyone gets one? They are in such demand for a reason, and they are only releasing so many for a reason…. better luck next time….

    • MattKL

      Right on!

    • jdraves5


    • SweetAwesomeness

      did you ever know that your myyy heerrooooo?

      • m_ad_04m_ax_

        that one got me

    • sneelok

      I boycotted their shirt clusterfuck after bill fucking murray

      • brizzle

        Fo Real DOUGHHHH… went on ebay to see the dees who would sell their shirts.. there's already Irish KCCO shirts on there going for 250 and they haven't even basked in the glory of receiving it yet… fuckers.

    • spartan104fred

      I disagree. I have two original KCCO t'shirt's. Same size I bought on separate occassions. I am going to give a buddy at work the other one. He was internally grateful for my gesture. KCCO

      • Dustin

        you're a good friend, man.

      • Troll

        Internally? So he doesn't show his gratitude on the outside?

      • Sarcasmatron

        "Internally" grateful??? Gross, dude.

    • Fuck Your Couch

      9 hours later.
      Mood=Fuck Chive. You control amount not anybody else.
      Not only does this ruin your fans days but you don't even make money.
      You guys need to rethink your business model.
      I'm fed up with this shit.

      • http://xoditech.com HiLife!


      • ddd

        rethink it? millions of losers are itching to throw money at them on a consistent basis. that's a pretty damn good business model.

        • Derek

          The failing in logic is that while they are capable of meeting that demand you so readily admit exists, they simply refuse to meet that demand.

    • http://twitter.com/mayerjacoby @mayerjacoby

      everyone relax over the shirts. but use my twitter to complain


    • The Milkman

      I randomly found my KCCO shirt a few months ago at a thrift store down the street for $3… Best. Day. Ever.

    • Kooz31

      This guy is my hero!!!! I've been saying this for months!!!! Listen to this guy!!!! He knows what's up!!!

    • facepalm

      Dear god ! All this over a friggin t shirt ! Then you losers wonder why you are lonely and depressed.

  • John

    We're trying to get a rush order of the KCCO Irish shirts made right now. I def. can't make any promises but we're working on getting it done. I'll keep you posted and I'll be eating crow in the comments today so sound off if you feel like it.

    • Julie

      Sounds good to me. I yelled at Bob via Email today about it but he was very nice and apologetic. ❤ you guys

    • Julie

      like seriously i fucking LOVE this website and all of you guys.

      • http://twitter.com/miss_sara_bella @miss_sara_bella

        Me too!!!! ❤ Error message or not, still going to KCCO.

      • Dr. Fap

        Trying to get a free shirt Julie?

    • NemesisEnforcr

      #50 you had me at…

    • Andy

      Well played sir

    • Elbie

      No reason for not keeping it calm, congrats to the lucky basterds who can enjoy st. pattys in a clover kcco shirt. But hey I think every chiver/ette – with or without shirt – can rock the party! (our sexy chivettes are doing pretty well without any shirt)

      Chive On!

      • John

        You sir…are my hero

    • the_mike

      You "chivers" that are this pissed need to get this worked up over something that matters, like gas prices, or kiddie porn, or world hunger.

      Keep Calm and Chive On my ass. What were you going to do, wear it and say, "yup I got one, but boy if I didn't, I would have been PISSED and went all postal on my keyboard."

      Fucking First World Problems. Each one of you take a look at what you have, realize you are being a fucktard and slam a big old glass of get the fuck over it.

      And no, I didn't get one either. boo fucking hoo. I'm going to get so wasted that I don't even know my name anyway, who cares what shirt I am wearing.

      Thanks John for trying to get more. That pretty much rocks.

      • 6_Crack_rocks

        #30 has the right idea

      • joe

        Mike, I do get pissed at those things… and nothing has been done yet!!!

        • the_mike

          Don't give up the good fight bro. I'm right there with you.

      • Ran

        like a boss

      • Dingle

        While I agree with you about people not taking it so seriously, the way you put it makes you a total douche sucker. Good day.

      • Dr. Fap

        the_Mike, you are a douche. True Story. You need to KCCO and stop being pissed about other people being pissed. You sir are a hypocrite at its finest.

        • the_mike

          Wait, so I was pissed about people being pissed, because they were pissed about getting pissed on for not getting a shirt.

          <img src=http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCPCG814VK7olz6FzFgY-PomDSzVCAbKjOjofIR27pFihf0kC2Dg>

          Don't remember being pissed, but thanks for letting me know. KCCO buddy. You and dingle should start a douche site or something. Your fascinations with them are amazing. Good luck!!

          • Dr. Fap

            You have it correct. You now understand why you are a hypocrite. Nerd Rage level the_mike

            • the_mike

              Yeah, but I wasn't pissed. Even with you trolling me, I'm not pissed. You are a faceless anonymous account on a site I enjoy. I've got bigger problems.

              But we can keep this going. What's your favorite color?

              • MylesofStyles

                I'm partial to blue (I didn't read anything prior to your last question, I just saw a large thread and wanted to chime in. Thank you).

                • Ryan

                  I also am partial to blue.

    • random Jig

      Word…First to Dar…first to shirts!

    • Kaiser

      had one finally…lost it.

    • Dr. Acula

      Fuck, Shit, Cock, Balls

      • Casenator

        woah man, no need to celebrate it… All you gotta say is ear muffs!!

    • Jayyy

      You're a good man John 🙂 a goood man!

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      No matter what John, you guys will have a loyal fan base that will indeed KCCO, for the sheer fact that more people in this world will need to.

    • tommytwotime

      J-bone for President!

    • http://www.mcraephotography.ca McRaePhoto

      Your a Rock Star Dude! Don't worry about all the haters shit. We will wait patiently for the next batch of whatever…KCCO!

    • Connor

      Just have to keep calm. Will the orders that were processed before the theChivery went down still go through? Got my confirmation email at 3:11, just wondering if I'll still be getting my shirt.

    • HatBomb

      John, you think they'll get shipped out in time for St. Patty's?! I mean, my name is Patrick and I've got a New Orleans St. Patrick's day parade I'd really like to KCCO at!

      • John

        That's really the big question. We're working with our manufacturer and our distributer right now to try to figure that out. It will be very close.

        • Burns

          Life lessons were experienced at the chive today.

        • CaNaDa

          The good news, I got a womens Medium shirt….the bad news, I am a male!!! Doesn't Matter, got a shirt!!!

          • Julie


            • UHH

              stfu your face is ugly.

              • Julie

                was that directed towards me?

                • UHH

                  Yes, yes it was.

                  • Julie

                    go step on a lego or something

                    • UHH

                      That was clever. Idiot.

                    • Julie

                      whats up your ass? Do i know you? Do you have some personal vendetta against me? If so please stop hiding behind the internet and come out with it, jesus christ

                    • UHH

                      I just said your face is ugly. I don't need to know you to figure that one out.

                    • Julie

                      says the one with no picture on their post. i can only imagine how you must look

                    • SweetAwesomeness

                      leave the troll be

                    • DrLeppiwinks

                      Should be a requirement to have a profile with email attached, so you can be banned, UHH is def not Keeping Calm, mommy daddy issues for sure.

                    • Julie

                      insecurity issues as well

                    • CaNaDa

                      I think his name was supposed to be DUHH

                    • Julie

                      well he obviously cant spell or type either.

                    • CaNaDaaa

                      hahahah….so CanaDa was taken so I added a few A's bamo!!!!!
                      Chive on!!!

                    • DrLeppiwinks

                      too ugly for a picture, mommy daddy issues, insecurities and illiterate… yah Id say that sums it up… I believe you're the clear winner Julie

                    • CaNaDaaa


                    • Derek

                      Let's see how small we can make this go!

                    • KroD

                      unintentional html crunching

                    • Bubba

                      Dude Make this happen Please John.

                    • Conchy Joe

                      What? – yes go smaller!

                    • tapsnapornap

                      I can't even read this shit anymore

                    • Ron Paul 2012


                    • brukid

                      thats small

                    • Friend

                      can we go smaller?

                    • dochandy


                    • kjsgfdlk

                      how low can you go?? how low can you go??

                    • mark

                      this is small

                    • Sluttypanda

                      I guess I'll help out

                    • ZachBob


                    • JROC

                      holy santa shit thi is small

                    • The Andychrist

                      Me too, me too!!!

                    • dasuperfan

                      not small enough

                    • yeenoghu

                      smaller we go!

                    • Morgan Freeman


                    • Jotle

                      hahahaha I can't even see what I 'm typing

                    • dochandy

                      oh my god!!!

                    • tapsnapornap

                      This shit is t-t-t-t-tight, nomsayn?!

                    • sixdeadelves

                      Julie your face is pretty

                    • Jay

                      Going going

                    • chronic


                    • Keith

                      *kill me*

                    • tapsnapornap

                      C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!!!!!!!!……….?

                    • Chan

                      You do sound like a bitch Julie – put up a picture of a chair or something and I GUARANTEE you will get ZERO thumbs-up.

                    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

                      who would put a picture of a chair as their avatar?

                    • Julie

                      I sound like a bitch?! how do i sound like a bitch? I didnt say anything bitchy until some douche called my face ugly.

                    • beermeat

                      "You do sound like a bitch Julie" … are you slow? Do you have downs? … and whats worse, you say "put up a picture of a chair or something…". Again. what do you come to this site for? To play Chess? No, you come to see the Chivettes taking time out of their lives to take pictures of gorgeous smiles, crazy ass places far and beyond, pretty well anything entertaining to us "Chivers". You definitely do NOT fit the bill bud. Unless you are just a little internet troll, which I am starting to think you may be…

                    • http://www.thechive.com The_Mike_Hancho

                      worst pain ever!

          • tommytwotime

            You can actually exchange it for a men's medium through thechivery returns but i doubt you'll get it back on this for St. Paddys. Still worth a shot if you want to gamble.

        • Julie

          bribe the manufacturer or the account manager for the manufacturer with a free KCCO shirt. I'd make a thousand shirts overnight with that bribe.

          • Bill Turdsly

            STFU. Bitch.

          • chronic

            your cute

            • ZachBob


          • truthserum

            I agree – Julie is pulling a "LG" and trying to get thumbs-up for comments that mean nothing. I'll bet this doesn't even make it on here as my fucking IP address has been banned for months.

            Dr. Leppiwinks is a fucking choda typical chiver – long live UHH!

            • bleh

              agree – he is trying really hard to get friendzoned on chive

        • So much for that

          How hard can it be? You guys only have them make what? 5 at a time? If they cant get them to you in time for SPD then switch to a new vendor.

        • Hut


        • DemBone

          Ya know what would be nice?
          The shirts go on sale at a later time, like when I can be home, in front of a computer to even try to get a shirt.
          This 2 o'clock stuff is not working for those who works at a job that has nothing to do with sitting in front of a computer all day!

          • Flyer

            Agreed! i was flying a freak'n plane today…tragic.

        • Dr. Fap

          You need a new distributor, or to order more.

    • miggy

      Damn it! and for once was actually at my PC and NOT in the field….its too fuckin cold out there :p

    • McG

      Just gonna have to rock my KCCO shirt that my…girlfriend…took…from…me…damn. She's hot in it though 🙂

    • mikey R

      oh well…. HUMP DAR tomorrow….good for now!!!

    • Chris

      Please…..exp some of the xxxl and xxl….and women's smalls…. Hopefully you'll be able to get them and hide the release in a gallery…That way, only the loyal chivers will know….

      • Julie

        Good idea.. like an online scavenger hunt

        • http://twitter.com/MRKCCO @MRKCCO

          Yep sounds good, but they should send one to me though cos i ant got time to trol around the internet looking for a shirt lol

          • Massoom

            And what were you doing when you wrote this?

        • Bill Turdsly

          yeah. get naked.

    • NBGuy

      I sent a email to your official rep site ( I just imagine Mac on the other end ) . If you like, you can take my purchase and throw it up for a eBay auction to raise money for a good chive cause.

    • Heres_Johnny30

      <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-304093310"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(304093310)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthechive.com%2F2012%2F02%2F28%2Fdaily-afternoon-randomness-50-photos-8%2F#IDComment304093310&t=I%20just%20commented%20on%20Daily%20Afternoon%20Randomness%20(50%20Photos)%20%3A%20theCHIVE&quot; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(304093310)">Close Message I have an idea. It's obvious that everyone wants a KCCO shirt. I have one that I've been saving for my buddies bachelor party at the end of March.

      I would like to throw my Herrbie Hancock on it and send it to a shirtless Chiver/Chivette to wear to a concert, some cool place, get a pic with a famous person, or any event. Then they do the same and pass along the shirt to other shirtless chivers and we keep up with it by everyones submissions to the chive.

      What are your thoughts?


      • Julie

        Beautiful idea, however too many douchebags would try to steal it and sell it on ebay. (see about ten comments down for our discussion on that)

        • Heres_Johnny30

          Thanks Julie, I thought so, It's a shame that other people want to profit off loyal chivers. These guys can't help who gets shirts and what they do with them. I'm still willing to offer my KCCO shirt to any shirtless chiver/chivette who is willing to pass it on when they are done. OR

          I have it sent back to me every time and I'll get a new address/phone number/email and If I don't get the shirt back, I post that information for the world to know how sorry they are.

          • Julie

            hahah winning! that would be awesome 🙂

            • Dr. Fap

              Julie shut your dirty whorish mouth.

              • Julie

                you're fucking stupid

      • SilkySapper

        Umm dude, the obvious sane answer is no, it'll get passed around more than your mother in a porno, and God knows what a lot of pervs would do to it before passing it on.

    • Boozerc

      Thanks John, youve still got a loyal chiver here in Kell IL. ill be KCCO hoping for another chance at getting one of the KCCO shirts, be it st. paddys day, original or Bill f'n Murray. thanks for listening

    • Easily Distracted

      I AM SO PISSED (#50)…wait what!?!?! The Chive Rocks and the other websites SUCK THE BIG ONE!

      • Murray

        I suppose us Scottish Chivers will have to live with the fact that we will never get one, this upsets me


      u know you guys get a huuuuuuuuge boner when you crash sites…. dont give me this crap….crap that you are sorry…… make 250k shirts….and you'll make tens of thousands of dollars…. no fucktards on ebay… and in 3 months they can be 12 bucks and you still make money. fucktards

    • Heli1

      I dont think it would really matter if the shirt was late for St. Pattys day. Its just an awesome shirt in general!

    • Dan

      Not sure if you do this, but why not put a limit of 2 shirts per order? That way guys can't order 20 and sell 18 of them on eBay, and run your supply out in 5 minutes.

      • Terryc

        A person has them on sale on ebay. He has more than 10 available and already sold 1. So that means that dickhead bought that many just to sell of ebay. God damn loser. I say we barade him with emails calling him a the worlds biggest douche.

        • SilkySapper

          wtf is barade? and did you ever stop to think that he might have made the shirts himself to scam some idiot who actually uses eBay? Or do you think all the soccer jerseys coming out of China on that site are authentic too?

    • OUCH

      You are OFFICIALLY FORGIVEN by this Chiver. Please feel free to repeat this mistake along with a similar act of contrivance at any time.
      Oh, and my nuts are aching!

    • Huberus Hanson

      The limited demand marketing ploy works a bit too well John. While some loyal Chivers are denied a badge of loyalty, some creep ass bastages are just reselling on e-gay. Shame to those who buy it there
      I understand if u purchase enough shirts to satisfy the demand, u can be left holding a ton of unsold shirts and therefore lose money on the deal.
      why not let us all just sign up for the shirts we want, do an order for those on that list and we pay you when it comes in?

    • James

      Just throwing this out there, but with this much heads up on an item you know sell out quick (like everything else) maybe take pre orders, that plus 30%more of total shirts and have that order filled. You will for sure make a profit, and you wouldn't have thousands of irritated chivers.

    • James

      Just save me a XXL, meet me in chicago for St. Patty's (as this will be me first trip to chi town) hand deliver it and I will KCCO !!

      • FLUMPYflumperton

        Chicago here as well… this was me at work after dealing with the error:


    • Keith

      I didn't want to try and order them today because I already own two chivery shirts (bill murray, KCCO) and thought the newer chivers could enjoy the feeling of wearing this bad ass shirt. I f someone tells me "Chive On" when I'm wearing the shirt, I buy them a shot. Its always cool to meet fellow chivers.

    • Brandon

      Was hoping to get one to take with me to Dublin for St. Patricks day, was 2.5 hours of clicking with no result. Will be looking for the next set.

    • Matt

      Just continue being awesome bro. No worries, you guys are great.

    • Mustache

      How about some pre-orders? Just take a bunch of pre-orders and fill at will man.

    • Hokie08

      I'd like to commend you for personally addressing an error on your website. An error that wasn't actually even your fault. Thanks for having the balls to step up to the plate and do something most people won't do these days: own up and apologize. Thanks for pic. I hope that one gets put on repeat. KCCO.

    • Scott U

      Why wont you do a pre-order? Have an executive meeting and figure out what it will take to do one. Many of us would gladly pay a little bit more to guarantee a shirt (and in the size we want). Do it like kick-starter, figure out the minimum order you need to get the shirts at the price you want, and then offer it to us. The order only goes through when you know you have x amount of orders.

      In the mean time at least have a 2-shirt limit.

      I'm along time fan, and the community of Chivers are awesome! While the issues with shopify maybe a one time problem, the issue of not ordering enough shirts has been growing each time a popular t-shirt order sells out insanely fast, and is reaching a boiling point with this colossal failure with whats probably your most popular shirt EVER!

    • TomHaverford

      Hey John, can we get some KCCO shirts w/ a Maple Leaf where the crown (or clover) is usually located?

      • m_ad_04m_ax_

        who the fuck down voted this internet terrorists this is a great idea

    • Alex

      Got up at 4am in Perth, Western Australia, got very sad, after trying hard to keep calm, sulked off to bed. Was just lucky my KCCO poster and playing cards arrived the day before 😀

    • Dustin

      John, I felt like a creep one random night when i was in new orleans for mardi gras last week. It was about 3 or 4am, i was outside of my hotel on conti st., one block from bourbon. The hotel i was staying at (prince conte) had a food stand downstairs that sold the most chronic brisket sandwiches, so naturally i got 2 of them before passing out shamefully alone. I noticed 4 or 5 guys across the street at some german restaurant that i didn't bother trying. they all had chive shirts on of some sort. kind of fucked with my head because only 2 of the 5 had the same shirt. i almost felt not worthy of mentioning how much this site means to me. to make a long story longer, i know yall got a lot of shit going on, and supply and demand is kinda crazy too – but im just trying to get a shirt. give the other true chivers who don't have the opportunity to be at a computer during normal business hours. you're awesome CHIVE ON!

    • Smielman

      Ya in retrospec telling all chivers throughout the world that the shirt would go on sale at 12 noon pst was probobly a bad idea since everyone would be waiting until that exact moment and tried to buy at the same time what fore sight.

      Get real this site is a success with a loyal following that is growing hourly so just put the shirt on sale during some radom post I gaurantee it will sell out the same as it does when advertise a true chiver looks at all posts.

      and thanks for the parting picture it helps a little

    • ATouchofInsanity

      I would love to get a St. Patty's KCCO t-shirt! Even if I can't get it by St. Patty's Day, I'd still wear it 'cause, dammit, I'm part Irish! So I always have the luck of the Irish going for me! You're awesome as hell, John. We Chivers owe you and everybody at theChive so much for keeping us entertained. You're amazing and awesome and wonderful…you just need to order more shirts *lol*

    • http://twitter.com/mayerjacoby @mayerjacoby

      john. why don't you apologize for your africa post, so untasteful

      follow me @mayerjacoby

      • bzazz

        why don't you apologize for your soulless self-promotion douche.

    • reebus

      please for the love of all things magical and good in this world, order more shirts seeing that its very popular.. i dont want to be put in the position where i have to make my own 😦 i shall be forever alone

    • Right Coast

      Christ man! Those children in Bangladesh are already working 16 hours a day!

    • Smitty

      Why dont you just take order then make them? I am deployed overseas and even smuggled my way to a computer the hr after they were posted = gone.

      I love your site, and many of my fellow solders do, too, but this kinda turns us off. Makes us want to go to 9gag or something 😦

    • Hal

      Y U No take our orders then order the shirts? No one gets left out! It's Capitalism, right, that's why, money? Cause a big hype then we all rush to order like lemmings and you get to wallow in a pile of cash at the end of the day!! It that's true…well…its pretty fuckin genius but it's shitty all at the same time. Also if people are selling them on ebay their twats that deserve to be maimed in some terrible way. That's all I got to say about that.

  • theonehodge

    #2 Sooo when at what time are the rest of them going on sale tomorrow then?? 😉

  • bigde

    FUCK IT!!!

    • Dylan

      We'll do it live!!

  • Julie

    I ❤ DAR.
    i </3 Sold Out Shirts

    • beermeat

      I feel your pain.. however I lucked out this year! I managed to get 2… TWO whole shirts this time around!!! Been trying for a VERY long time to get an original (non-ebay) shirt for some time, this is the first batch I managed to. Was clicking the CRAP out of back and refresh and actually went through the full purchase entering of my address and such over 8 times before it FINALLY went through!! KCCO!!!!

      • Julie

        AH lucky! give me one!

        • beermeat

          so probably also not best to tell you that the second shirt was a womens small? 😐

          • Julie

            …i can haz women small? 🙂

            • beermeat

              it does… sorta… kinda… have a home already it is going to go to :$

              • Julie

                god damnit. ctrl-r for the next week it is

                • Tim

                  I have an extra KCCO in a small I ordered by mistake yesterday

                  • Julie

                    serious? lol

                    • john

                      now i would say u might have a pretty face, but rest is still to be determined..submit more to the chive 🙂 and ….im just curious

                      ur description, romania, hookah, cars, money.. i feel ya on the first 3, but money.. really? so ur saying u have a bunch of money, or really like money? either way… who says that

      • pain

        I had the shirt in my cart for 1.5 hours…… clicking back and forth,,, even put my shipping info in 3 different times. only to still fail at getting a shirt. then i had to go to class before they actually fixed the problem.

  • AssClown

    #13 My whitesaber is growing…

    • JOHN

      #50 looks so welcoming. I want to nap on it

      • Guest-ee-poo

        what is this a porn site?!

      • SJay

        We need more from the private folder.

      • bananah

        I like, is nice! High-five!

    • ChelseaRules

      #13 I have that same shirt! Or, at least one very similar.

      I dunno, but when a chick is into Star Wars, it just makes her that much hotter to me.

      • Loves Chicks

        When a chick comments on how much hotter another chick is in a star wars shirt, makes both chicks that much hotter

        • J0R


    • Bob

      Found the highest quality image here Enjoy http://i.imgur.com/Asay4.jpg

      Happy Fapping

  • hark1985

    #3 and not a single fuck was given that day!

    • Underbaker

      Hey, who's having the BBQ over on the mountain?

  • Brandon


    Got stuck on this one for a whiiiiile.

    • Dr. Acula


    • Brian

      All is forgiven

    • DDD

      what was i mad at again???

    • Mee

      I'm a girl, and pictures like this give me major penis envy.

    • Johnson Fitswell

      For a while? I was only stuck for 45 seconds tops.

    • King of the North

      Chive, just give us a big thread of pics like this and we well be cool in my book

    • Jeff

      Sweet baby Jesus

    • Hand of Fate

      #50 is a great picture…but it has been floating around on the internet for a very long time now (hence the over twenty hits on tineye), so that shouldn't really count as being from your private stash.

      I say John still owes us a private, borderline or NSFW picture of a Chivette that hasn't been used before!

      • Hand Of Fate 122p

        Am lonely and desperate ever since my bbw porn actress wife ran away with the garbageman.

        • Hand of Fate

          lol. I like that you included the 122p.

    • J0R

      I was hoping that one of you would have a link of more pictures of this babe.

  • NemesisEnforcr

    #16 A legit reason to DERP!

    • OhSomeEvil

      EDC…. just trying to party.

    • DrROBOTO

      i doubt that chick made it out of there alive

    • DDD

      I hope he did more than stare, nobody would blame him…. its worth a slap…..

    • Bink

      Any time someone tells me EDM is retarded, I remind them that you see shit like this at every single show lol That's enough to warrant getting into EDM.

    • McGee

      Find those titties

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #8 Perfection!

  • SomeDudeHere


  • etcrr

    #8 thank you god for beauties like this

  • Mikey G

    DAR is TOO late. We forgive you if you bring us many KCCO shirts, at a discounted price

  • IT nerd


    really no point in getting mad at the Chivers. It's not their fault. Shopify is a massive database and all the largest companies use it. The Chivers crashed the system,( which from an IT guy like myself is one helluva' feat.) In the end, if you wanna get mad, get mad at Shopify, not the Chive.

    • Fuck Your Couch

      No get mad at the Chive for only ordering such a limited amount that it sells out in 5 minutes. At least order enough for an hour. It is still limited but the hard core fans get their chance.

      • Julie

        I wonder how many they actually ordered, because seriously theyre not dumb, theyre gonna order a lot, but look at how many fucking people visit this site a day.. THOUSANDS. literally freaking thousands lol. Shopify hasnt crashed on the kcco shirts before, just these ones because probably ten times the amount of people ordered them at once today. I'm gonna ctrl-R thechivery all freaking day for the rest of the week lol

    • http://twitter.com/AlexL_FTW @AlexL_FTW

      I have to agree with you. Not the Chive's fault it has die hard fans out there. As for Shopify….they can suck it.

    • Steveo

      Damn right people should be pissed off? Provide an explantion why they sell such limited quantities. The obvious answer is they want to create a stampede to demonstrate how awesome they are!

      • bzazz

        because The Chive doesn't have a fucking warehouse to store millions of shirts, its just an office building. They make as many as they have room for, which ends up being not enough because of the huge demand.

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      i have never felt more accomplished then i did when i read that statement. we crashed the largest eCommers website in the world

      • reaperMEDIC

        I will feel more accomplished when I have a shirt to show for it….. But try I will 🙂 KCCO

    • truestory

      hell yeah we crashed that shit. example of the power people have united or a sign of supply and demand.

    • humblemonkey42

      well said bud, KCCO!

    • marco

      its only annoying cause every time its the same thing, 'oh we ran out of shirts.' bs, order more than 100 shirts and there prob wont be a shortage. shits getting old.

  • hark1985

    #29 heaven!

    • HUH?

      can you hold my soda? sure, just let me put down my oscar………

    • R-Dub

      Apparently the people who are thumbing this down have never had In-n-Out

      • hark1985

        Yeah no doubt. They think that Five guys or White castle is better

  • etcrr

    #34 I see a heat wave in a certain part of Canada

  • hark1985

    #31 True Story!

    • tommytwotime

      one of the truest things in the history of truth

      • hark1985

        Well said Tommy

    • some-dude

      Why are you going to these stores?

      When she says, "I'm gonna go shopping" that means I'm calling my friends and doing my own thing.

      • babbon

        when she says she is going shopping…

        It means time for sum monkey spanking

      • Underbaker

        You Sir are obviously not married yet, gaze into your future with sadness. (and to all the store owners out there, if you want my wife's business, put some damn chairs outside the dressing room so I can sit and play my angry birds in peace)

    • Derek Weaver

      now i know im not alone.!

    • Alt

      Me: *about to sit*
      Some random dude sitting on the other end: You too?
      Me: *Nodding sadly*
      That same dude: Yeah…

  • Memo

    I Demand a re- release of the KCCO Irish T-shirts before St. Patty's day!!

    • HUH?

      i demand that you stop whining about a shirt and just be thankful you live in a land where you can actually buy whatever you want. (maybe when you are done whining you can send your old shirts to haiti or about any other 3rd world country).

      • Memo

        I was born in a third world country you ass, and after a long hard struggle my family managed to migrate. English isn't even my fist language, but I was able to quickly adapt via dedication and determination, I've worked hard 2+ jobs in oder to pay my way through college, ZERO government help and ZERO Loans, 2 degree's, and 3 languages later I'll be graduating in May. So yeah If I want to spend 24$ of my HARD earned money on a t-shirt that I want you're dam right I WILL!.. People spend more than that a week on cigarets or start bucks coffee. I don't tell you how to spend or utilize your private property, so don't tell me what to do with mine… kthx now KCCO

      • jackletooth

        lolz! You stupid! lolz!

  • Late

    Who do I have to hump to get some DAR around here?

  • sparkyanubis

    Someone on ebay is selling their KCCO Irish shirt for 250 dollars. I've been betrayed by a fellow chiver. Oh well, KCCO.

    • Julie

      No, that isnt a fellow chiver. that is a douche bag.

      • hark1985

        Well said Julie

      • HatBomb

        Julie, for the win. Real Chivers don't buy KCCO in bulk and take advantage of other Chivers.

        • Julie

          Exactly! Thank you!! Even if it was cheaper, i'm sorry, i wouldnt buy one of those shirts off of eBay because i support theChive. not some lazy selfish motherfucker who is looking to make a quick buck off decent people. Good for them for selling that shirt, they dont fucking deserve to wear it anyways.

          • HatBomb

            Couldn't have said it better myself.

          • sparkyanubis

            Amen Julie!

      • SilkySapper

        Julie, before you go raging on this guy did you stop to think? Maybe he lost his job with the downturn in the economy, and this is the only way he can not only show his love for a website, but feed his family as well.

        Or perhaps it's just one of the Chive staffers making some extra cash since they can get all the shirts they want.

        Or perhaps they aren't shirts from the website but some knockoffs that he made on his own with a little iron applique, then posted them on ebay at the same time in order to sell more cuz he knew ppl would be looking.

      • Irish777


    • Bo S.

      Don't you wish we could find out where that person lives, fill socks full of quarters, knock on their front door………and say, HEY!!! That was not very nice.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        I signed in to my ebay acct. just so I could send him an angry message. Then I saw another dude, ebay handle: timmyz5, that bought at least 9 of the new kcco's, There should be a limit.

        • Julie

          are you FUCKING kidding me?! im about to sign in my ebay account right the fuck now and throw down on these bitch ass punks. fuck you you you your mom and your fucking dog.

          • SmokeyMcBear

            you kiss your mom with that mouth, damn woman.

            • Julie

              I do, unfortunately. however i'd rather cuss on the internet then pull out my .45 and shoot the motherfucker who is selling shirts at a million percent profit

              • levi paulin

                .45? More like a pellet gun, i want him to suffer as i did for an hour today!

              • STFU

                you are fucking retarded. I wasted way to many seconds reading your stupid comments because I thought your face was hot enough to blow a load on… you're just a typical dumb whore, stfu and tell me what website I can see you getting gangbanged on

          • Unfkngblvbl

            this is the response I just got from the guy selling it for $250(he doesn't get it, apparently):
            Keep calm and chive on brother. You are missing the point of the website. They could easily sell more shirts. they intentionally limit the supply. If i dont sell the shirt i will be wearing it proudly on saint pattys day. if i do good for me. I dont see how i am any different than any of the other sellers on ebay selling these shirts. All are price gouged…. i hope you were able to buy some from the site. I was only able to get one only after refreshing a solid 30 to 40 minutes straight. Maybe i will score enough money to buy a regular kcco shirt and a bill murray one.

            • OldManChiver

              What a giant douche (the ebay seller, not you, obviously)

        • Jason

          Exactly! How come they don't put a limit of something like 2 on these orders?

    • http://www.mcraephotography.ca McRaePhoto

      Bastards eh

      • Patches

        It's a fucking SHIRT. If you losers weren't so desperate to fit in, these other people wouldn't be able to get $250 for a shirt on ebay. You haven't been "betrayed by a fellow chiver" – someone else bought some shirts before you had a chance, and is taking advantage of demand for said shirts.

        The irony is that "Keep Calm" is printed on these shirts, yet you're all whining and crying and swearing and threatening violence and talking about "betrayal"… over a fucking SHIRT.

        I guess if wearing the right clothes to fit in with the "cool crowd" matters that much to you…


        • Julie

          well youre tight

          • STFU

            can you remember when you were tight? way back before you were gaping wide open for the 5 guys pounding you on camera …?

            • Julie

              THAT was original

        • sparkyanubis

          If you read my whole post, I did end it with "Oh well, KCCO." I'm not whining. Also, I've seen this community pull together to do some amazing things and I, personally, think that doing that type of profiteering is wrong. But I digress…

          • Ron Paul 2012

            The irony here is that the same people that are whining about people selling these shirts on ebay are the same people that make it possible for people to sell these shirts on ebay (for $250). I applaud the man who scalps these idiots of $250 for a GD T-shirt. Move to a socialist country if you don't like it. BTW, how pissed would they be if they saw how much profit the chive made on these shirts that probably cost them >$10. It is called capitalism.

            • sparkyanubis

              Your > sign should be a <, to imply less than. And I see this attack as ridiculous. I merely stated that I thought 250 was way too much of a mark up. Implying that me being slighted by it implies that I'm in favor of pure socialism is nothing more than reductio ad absurdum. If you want to make crazy arguments and try to sound intelligent, please do it somewhere else. Otherwise, KCCO brother/sister!

              • mittens

                They don't *want* all of you to be able to buy a tee. If they weren't hard to get, there wouldn't be this little interwebs drama unfolding each time they release a new tee.

                Yeah, the douchenozzles on ebay suck, but if people weren't paying $100+ for a tee shirt so they could fit in, the-patent-guy and the other devoted resellers wouldn't be buying all the shirts in the first place.

                But either way, John's goal is to make everyone want a shirt, but make sure most of them don't get shirts. You guys get upset, the website gets a shload of traffic, and they make an apologetic, "Gee guys, we're so awfully sorry you couldn't buy shirts. We'll try extra hard next time, and please KCCO. 😦 "post, and then do the same thing for the next shirt. Every. Single. Time.

                Don't get me wrong, I'd kill a hobo for a BFM tee in a hot second, I'm just not stupid enough to pay $100 for one. The rest of it… meh, that's John's bread and butter. If it wasn't working for him, he wouldn't do it. We may not like it, but in his shoes… yeah, probably have a different perspective… Whatevs, have a PBR and calm down.

                • sparkyanubis

                  Your hobo line is inspired sir. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

        • KingCock

          Someone is NOT keeping calm…

    • Underbaker

      2 Fiddy!!!! 2 fiddy!! Hey I got an original KCCO XXL only tried it on and washed it once(I need a XXXL) I will trade for a new IPAD.

  • frankus

    #4 fanboy much?

  • Ace81277

    No problem John. Like the shirt says KCCO!!!! Can I request a Mardi Gras shirt for next year 😃

    • HatBomb

      Ding ding ding, now that is a fucking awesome idea! I'll need more then one, shirts have a rough time with Mardi Gras. My KCCO and BFM were awesome to have at MG this year. The Chive guys like to party, Chivers like to party, and MG is an amazing party. Its a match made in heaven!

    • Anon

      so like… an anti shirt? XD

      • Northman

        Just leave two holes in the chest area 🙂

  • jeff

    #8, #40 and especially #50, MOAR PLZ!

    Thanx in advance.

    • craig b from CT

      a man with good taste!

    • Dapper_Dave

      Much moar of #50

    • Gallus

      Butt … butt … butt … Oh, yea!!!

  • Tony

    You should be wearing a helmet!!!

    • Dr. Acula

      For which one? The guy that did that to her?

      • The_Dood

        I want my money back. All you did was suck blood from my neck!

    • tommytwotime


    • HUH?

      does she know there is an unborn baby in there? im sure it's not wearing a helmet either. let me see where i put that "mommy of the year" trophy……

      • AKBAR

        i like this self-abortion pic…..but that's just me.

    • that guy

      Bit late for that

    • socalmarti

      I see what you did there…

    • Damien

      After she fixes me a sandwich

    • Doofy

      That's the burnside skatepark in Portland. There's a whole set of unwritten rules if you want to skate there but the only two I can remember anymore are no drugs and no pads/helmets. The natives can get quite confrontational if you break any. That being said, this woman is a complete moron.

    • bsfgd

      on her vagina

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