Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • SuperDave

    @ 50 I'd like to shake you're daddy's hand!

  • Anonymous

    #44 rad abortion bra

  • Rhayzor

    Ok Chive..2 papers due, and a discussion board post. Then you throw #50 at me…you are too cruel.

  • Frank

    Thats cheap! come to Britain, were getting it at about 4 dollars to the gallon, at the cheapest places.

  • conair24

    #50 i demand the said "Private folder", better known as the holy grail of chiveness, be unleashed!

  • ustcmj

    #13 is gorgeous

  • jB!

    #50 Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll……..O_o Jaw drops. Instant wallpaper.

  • UGTP

    #44 That moment when the end result could either be badass or very disturbing….

  • UGTP

    #15 Mine was jumping away from the "Tremors" shooting them with my Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Great times.

  • william

    Holy crap #50 ! I think i’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    #50 So nice.

  • Trevalyan Sackett

    I love you guys regardless, if I get a shirt I get a shirt…everyone is being a little ridiculous KCCO.

  • James

    Oh hey, I've seen that video.

  • Lu

    #50 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nomnomnom

  • thejim

    I’d like to put a #43 into #50, after many, many hours of ‘practice’ of course.

  • DaveyDPad


    I started scrolling the Chive last year when I got home from the Navy, (those of you who have not known the week or two of being home after not being home for 4 years know not the definition of bored), I tried a couple times to get chive shirts, and always failed, until I pretty much gave up. Somehow that he wont tell me my best friend, who is currently in the airforce and deployed, got one sent to me for christmas, albeit a medium (Im a pretty big dude). When I saw the St. Paddy's say shirts going on sale, I managed to work a 7PM to 7AM midnight shift (I decided after 4 years of never sleeping I should be a cop and not sleep some more), stay up till noon (I had some other errands) at which point I tried to order 2 XLs, but for some reason they weren't on sale yet! Then I realized I live on the east coast, and I had not allowed for the three hour difference. Fearing if I where to go to sleep that I would sleep through the release, I stayed up till three (most of that I spent scrolling chive), then tried again, only to be faced with the shopify error message time and time again. At that point I decided the best way to KCCO was to finally sleep… for 2 hours, before I had to go to work again.

    I'll always be a loyal chiver but is there any way I could get at least one St. Patty's shirt to send to my buddy? I owe him for my Christmas gift!

  • Abbi

    killer KILL!

  • Anonymous

    This is by far the best chive I’ve saw yet. Find.

  • Anonymous

    #50 that is

  • seven2k

    #50 Holy christ on cracker!

  • greg

    #31 Ive spent many hours on the "boyfriend couch"

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