I miss college….(60 Photos)

  • SilkySapper

    #17 "I know man, it's sad!!! These are the hottest chicks at this college"

    wouldn't fuck them with a stolen dick

  • ksc

    You put sticky notes on his door when he went to bed….watch out for these guys!

  • Anonymous

    #8 on the left, find her now or pay the price!!!

  • Doobsy

    Wales, Wales!
    Triple Crown Winners! Soon to be Grand Slam Champs!

    • Michael G

      Where in Wales is this?

  • Matt

    #19 300 cups / 6 people drinking = 50 cups / person. Lets say you fill 3 cups per beer 50 / 3 = 16.67 beers / person. I call bullshit. Not to say you can't drink 17 beers in a night, lord knows I have but no one is going to play a game for the amount of time it would take nor would ones attention span last that long once that amount of alcohol is involved. Either fill your cups properly or you filled your table full of cups and took a picture trying to be cool then put the cups away.

    • Moe the Crow

      AXP at CMU? 300 cup is a tailgate tradition. Keep up the good work boys, glad to see y'all doing work.

  • sarah

    #32 Fire up Chips! KCCO in a town with not a damn thing to do.

    • christopherbacarella

      CMU chiver here too! Heck yeah Chips!

    • Greg

      Good to see some fellow Chivers from Mt. Pleasy! Keeping Calm and Chiving on from the PKT House

  • Matt

    #25 what a dick

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    Go chippewas..I miss days my friends paid for college so I could come party..had my own student I.d. even

  • TheDude

    #50 Virginity Secure.

  • KCCO0311

    #57 is that oceanside? and are u pissing on that cruiser? nice work

  • Karen

    #57 That's awesome!

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    #8 Amazing #23 Reppin' my alma mater well.

  • UGTP

    #36 anybody remember the game back in the day if you looked at the circle your friend was makin they got to hit you? good times.

  • Lugh


  • Jeff

    #11 Which is sadder, the JD? Or the outfit? That's what you wear to a party? I want to go to your party where you get girls looking like a construction worker who robbed a hockey fan. He was probably more upset that he'll be sober while dancing with any girl that looks like one he'd get stuck with.

    PS. JD sucks, drink something that costs more than $10 a handle.

  • Zodiac308

    At least he’s a pens fan

  • Alan

    #14 Moar!

  • Go big blue

    # 24 suck it cheaters

  • queefStartup



    • bgrules

      yep, chinkos! visted my brother at miami we are from bg!


        CHIVE ON from Bowling Green State University!

  • Caleb

    More of the blondes in #8 o my god

  • Peoplewhothinktheyresmartarent

    #48 Go Pokes!!

  • Leiza

    # 15 these are girls that I played hockey with at uni! Awwww man really missing uni now!!!

  • Ben

    #57 is without a doubt Downtown Oceanside, CA. I recognize the cruisers, mural and lights. Just a Jarhead pissing on the cops.

  • Dotson

    #53 You might want to try spelling 'MEDICINE' correctly. Your a college student and can't spell common words correctly…maybe try spell-check next time? EPIC FAIL

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